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Animation is growing in popularity amongst businesses looking for a new way to boost their digital marketing strategy. It allows businesses to explain complex processes and procedures in an engaging and informative manner to help them connect with their customers.

An SEO Boost

RAW Pictures offers a variety of different animation styles, from 2D and whiteboard animation through to 3D animated videos to cover all of our customers’ requirements. Animated videos of course also have the advantage to helping boost the SEO of your website, simply by being a video! As with corporate video, search engines prefer websites that feature video, whether that is a live action promotional video or an animated explainer video.


Animated videos can be a great tool for marketing and explaining a new product to your customers. If you’re having a big product launch and want a quick and easy way to sell the product, an animated explainer video can do this is in seconds and can be shared easily across social media platforms and digital marketing campaigns.


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Specialising in corporate video production, as well as short film and documentary, there are no projects that we shy away from.

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