5 Reasons Your Business Should Be Making More Video Content

Maddie Prior
April 6, 2023
4 min read
5 Reasons Your Business Should Be Making More Video Content

Video is one of the most effective ways business and brands can communicate the right message to the right audience. Nowadays, customers are less likely to consume information through text and images, down to the fact that video is absolutely everywhere and is much more engaging.

Corporate video allows brands and businesses to tell their story, it helps increase engagement and awareness of what your company does and what you can offer to your clients. It can help enhance the brand's image and give your company more of a personality as you are generating more visibility to your online presence. 

Here are 5 reasons why your company should be making more corporate video content;

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Good marketing

Video is a fun way to visually show off your business, it doesn't have as much high pressure on generating a direct return as other forms of advertising, because it's often just used to spread awareness or increase the number of eyeballs on your brand, it's all very entertaining as well for viewers. The main purpose of video marketing is to create more of a demand for what you are selling and as a result of this marketing you should be increasing sales and income. A good marketing video will continue to communicate with your customer over a long period, build trust and keep them engaged while they are still gaining the relevant information. A good corporate video can increase business revenue by 49% year on year.(source)

Having a video on your website that reminds customers who the company is and what they can provide them, this is important as you want your landing page to grab customers attention as soon as they click on your website link. 86% of customers say they would like to see more video brands, 36% say they'd like to see more educational and explainer type content (source). The brain retains information far more efficiently when watching video as it includes 3 different forms of communication that audiences enjoy; moving imagery, small pieces of text and sound. By including all 3 of these forms in your marketing video means you are focused on what will keep your audience interested. 

Video marketing is providing marketers with the opportunity to generate content that will continue to stay relevant for long after it has been published as people are always able to find video on the internet. This can help keep older videos relevant and make it easier for marketers to repurpose old content.

Increase SEO and ROI

Video content helps your website get noticed by search engines as it picks up on the keywords that you have used in your video, this will enhance your search engine optimisation. 62% of google universal searches include video, this means people will be exposed to your video than they would be any text article (source). The more videos displayed on your website the higher it will be pushed up in search rankings and improve visibility to your website, helping new customers find out about your company which helps increase sales within the company. 

Video makes up 64% of all internet traffic (source). The google internal algorithm looks for quality visuals like video, this means pages are going to be boosted higher if they are displaying video as it knows more viewers are interested in video especially if they offer high quality visuals. 85% of customers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video (source). Therefore you want to be sure you're creating the quality content that search engines will be looking for, as well as creating content that will help your company see the best possible result in ROI. 

As well as quality you want to look at lengths of video, videos with the highest engagement are only around 26 seconds long but it can vary on each platform with how long audiences will stay on a video for (source). For your ROI to be effective you want to remember a call to action at the end of every video, this can be a really simple few words but you want to do it so your audience takes action after watching the video.

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Increases brand awareness

Your company's identity and personality is based on the content you communicate to your audience, customers will build a perception of your brand from what you're putting out there to them. Marketing video can help bring a brand to life, you are able to make your video stick into the customers memory. This can be done very easily, through adding music, using bold colours and making characters stand out. These factors help show your customers that the brand has a personality, which can help build more of a personal relationship. 

When creating video content it's key that your customers are finding out who you are and what you are selling to them, you want to be making sure your brand image is aligned with their values. You are able to do this through the power of video as it enhances your strategy more than just plain text. It is giving you the opportunity to create content that will help tell a story which audiences love. They want to know the brand on a deeper level before buying with you. By using video marketing you are able to extend your audience reach, improve communication and build more customer engagement this will help you make the right impact on new customers.

Shareable (social media)

Information spreads quickly, especially on social media. Audiences like to share good creative content and video fits perfectly into this. Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined (source) this is due to more people wanting to watch video as it's more enjoyable for them. If your video entertains, educates or tells a story more people will want to share it as this is what people look for. Likewise, it is another way of interaction with your customer, you are able to talk to them through the comment sections of your video. This can lead to deep discussions about what you are selling which can help increase interactions and sales. 

When customers share a video it is free advertising for your company. You're allowing your client to do the marketing for you which is the easiest way for more customers to find you as an audience and only share video if they enjoy it. This helps influence if someone will buy your product or service as many customers base their purchase decisions on recommendations, the more shares, likes and comments your promotional video or explainer video has the more likely people will buy it as they trust the opinions of others. 

As everyone knows you need more than a website, you need to be marketing where your audience is. Different social platforms appeal to different demographics, you want to be finding out where your audience is and using video on these platforms as this is where you find the most potential customers. You are able to optimize your video content to fit the different platforms' audience, keeping it consistent and creating videos that you are publishing regularly will help keep your audience interested and keen.

Increases engagement

Corporate video on your website will ensure that visitors stay longer on your website, increasing the likelihood of increasing sales or the customer doing further research into your brand. This helps increase engagement as they are wanting to look into what you are offering more and allows potential customers to build more of a connection with your brand. Video gives a sense of genuine authenticity when it is done correctly. Audiences will respond better and they will become more active with your company, as it is providing that personal, human approach to the product and service you are selling. 

Customers are more likely to click play on a video than they will sit and read text as video is easier to comprehend and it can capture viewers attention quicker than just a block of text. As customers receive information daily you want to make sure the information you are giving them is more engaging as this will help elevate your brand from others. Video attracts 3 times more inbound links than just plain text (source). 

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A good corporate video will effectively communicate with your clients, build their trust and give them the relevant information they need to go through with buying your product or service. Creating corporate videos can be very cost effective and easy to do, it will help promote your brand in a more exciting way and will create more interests in your company.

To find out how the RAW Pictures team can help you make great corporate video, get in touch to chat with one of our team.

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