8 Benefits To Filming Your Event in 2022

Will Littlewood & Maddie Prior
April 6, 2023
4 min read
8 Benefits To Filming Your Event in 2022

Event filming isn’t something new to 2022, but it’s something which can have a really powerful impact on your business. Hosting events is such an effective tool for growing your business, so why wouldn’t you want to increase the effectiveness even more?

In this blog we’ll look at some of the benefits to getting your events filmed or live streaming them in 2022. Remember it doesn’t have to be a professionally shot affair, sometimes even live streaming some of the events on Instagram can help boost brand awareness and follower engagement.

There are plenty of benefits to getting your event filmed, don’t let yours be the one that misses out!

Allows the audience to re-watch after the event has finished

By filming your event you're allowing your audience to re-watch the event after it has happened, if they missed parts of the event or audiences want to re-cap on the day they are then able to.

If someone was unable to attend the event, a video allows them to feel as if they were still part of the day and they didn't completely miss out. This will help audiences feel involved in the event and encourage a greater audience to attend in the future.

The event footage can be shared between audiences through private links or publicly using Youtube or Vimeo. By the footage being shared through public links means you can reach a wider audience as anyone can see this content, it can then be shared across multiple social platforms. This will allow you to connect with a wider audience through different platforms and not just the people that came along that day. 

People want to see what you offer in action, as they want to get a feel of what you do and how the event is being run. Providing footage from the event can represent your business as being more authentic as there is no script or actors. Authentic video is the kind of video audiences love as they feel more a part of the event.

Event highlights are a popular form of content for online audiences

Video can promote other events 

Promotion video will help build hype for the next event, by making the videos easily shareable through online and social media will help you build a large audience behind the next event. 

Video is an effective marketing tool. You can use content from previous events to promote upcoming events, creating a small exciting trailer video will encourage customers to come to your event. The video will showcase the event, capturing the atmosphere and highlights the key moments in the event. The audience will then be able to watch this teaser and see what the last event offered, this will then make them want to be a part of the next one. 

Filming your event also gives you the chance to capture testimonials from your audience and add to the promotion of the video. By capturing an audience member saying something great about the event will hopefully encourage more people to come to the next one. Positive peer reviews always boost customer confidence. 

You can use event footage on other platforms. You can use snippets in blog posts, landing pages, social media pages and sales funnels. This will help you get the content out there from other events to promote new ones as you are able to use the video footage taken on any platforms.

Filming your events can give you access to a global audience

Increase reach - global audiences are available

Video helps share your event with more than just local people. By creating event videos will allow you to reach audiences from across the country and maybe even across the world. This also enables you to continue to collect leads from people anywhere at any time as the link can be shared with people continuously even when the event is over, this will keep adding more value to the video as more people will be seeing it.  

If people across the world have heard about your event you can reach them through the event video. This will make them feel as if they haven't missed out as they will still be able to see highlights of what happened and feel a part of the event. This increases reach as you are catering for everyone, allowing all audiences to feel a part of the event.

Better marketing content for your business (video has better conversion etc)

Outside of the events world, video is of course a very powerful marketing tool for brands and businesses, and it translates across into events as well.

Filming events can be a great opportunity for promoting other products and services that you offer, or even getting some customer or client testimonials! If your clients are having a great time at your event, it could be the perfect opportunity to get some glowing testimonials from them.

If your event was focussed around a specific product or service, it’s ideal for promoting this to your online audience once the event has wrapped. As a testament for just how powerful video is for this, a staggering 72% of consumers prefer video to text (source).

Something else to think about is actually repurposing your event videos into longer form written content. For example if you had speakers or presenters at your event, you can take their transcripts and turn them into an article, press release or blog post to give you even more content for the coming weeks.

On a similar vein, if you publish the video with a full transcript, this actually has great SEO benefits as Google will log all the content (provided the talks were useful and relevant of course!).

Increasing brand awareness

If you’re seen to be hosting valuable and informative events, it’s a really effective way of boosting your brand’s credibility, as your company will be seen as the go to experts in your industry. It helps to show your audience that you’re an active business, being out there and taking a lead role in your sector when other businesses might not be. Especially in 2022 where events are going to be even bigger than usual, it could be a really valuable opportunity to improve your positioning.

Looking back at the earlier paragraph about global reach, this links nicely into brand awareness as having a much bigger audience for your events allows you to grow your brand’s presence to reach a larger, previously untapped audience. Regardless of where viewers are, you’ll be able to connect with them and build an engaged community around your brand.

Used at any stage of a buyer's journey 

Event video can be used throughout the entire buyer’s journey, it can target new customers who don't know what you do but it  can also target customers at the different stages.  

Top of the funnel customers are being introduced to your brand. Event video can be used in ads or to boost website performance. The video allows your business to get in front of a new audience, it will allow you to introduce a problem to them and then you will be offering your solution. 

The middle funnel are the customers who are considering their options, they are doing their research and gathering information. This is a perfect time for audiences to see your video as you will be showing off your knowledge, which will push the buyer further down. This will help your company remain on top as you are giving the customer what they want at this stage of the funnel.

Lastly, the bottom of the funnel encourages users to sign up. You boost sales with event videos testimonials as it can help close the final sale. You want to be creative as audiences love eye-catching. Event video is also great as you can add in personalised sales communications which will help you sell your brand more. 

Great for the website

Video is highly repurpose-able and it can be shared anywhere. By embedding it into your landing page of your website can help promote what you offer to your customers when they are viewing your website. You can upload a shortened version of the highlights of events you have held or an entire video you have filmed. 

Video is beneficial as it is becoming more and more effective as a huge 95% of audiences retain a message when they watch it compared to when they are reading a piece of text (source). Therefore, they will be more lucky to remember what your business does by watching a video then reading about it. Video will increase how much time customers are spending on your website and it will encourage people to take action as they are seeing what you offer.

By including video of any kind on your website, it can actually help boost conversion rates as well! Did you know that having a video on your homepage can actually boost conversion by around 80% (source)

Video highlights can be cut up for great social media content

Aside from the one main event video, you can use this to create lots of shorter and equally as powerful clips for social media campaigns. Whilst the 90 second full video will work well on the website, it’s a trickier ask to get someone on Facebook to engage with a video of that length. As we know, attention spans are getting shorter and shorter in 2022, so having some short punchy clips means you can really get your message across.

Creating a “trailer” for your main video can be an effective way of not only generating engagement on social media, but also then driving traffic to your website as well. You use this trailer to point people over to your website, to then watch the full thing on there. Instagram stories are also a great way of boosting traffic.

Of course using the content on social media is excellent for developing your brand image, not only because you’re seen to be hosting some great events, but also because you’re releasing high quality video content on your social platforms.


As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you should be filming your events in 2022, with the content working across a range of platforms and doing wonders for your brand image.

If professional event filming is a little out of your budget, there are ways you can still make the most of the power of video with Instagram or other mobile solutions.

If you're thinking about getting your event filmed in 2022, get in touch with us

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