A Guide to Live Streaming Events for Businesses

Will Littlewood
April 6, 2023
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A Guide to Live Streaming Events for Businesses

A Guide to Live Streaming Events for Businesses

As we enter these unchartered waters amid the ever-evolving developments of COVID-19, many businesses are looking at how best to adapt their approach to day to day business practice. For those businesses that have the ability and capacity to move online, it’s important to get clued up on existing technology to use their advantage.

One key format? Live streaming.

80 percent of people would rather watch live streamed content than read a blog post. (NY Magazine)

Life must go on for many businesses, and with many corporate events, forums, training coaching and networking, cancelled, live streaming looks the way to go. Raw Pictures are a live streaming event company Oxford businesses and beyond can reach out to for live streaming video services; working remotely, or we can come directly to you for your next livestream event.

The capabilities of live streaming have already seen it rise in the ranks when it comes to online visual content. With the ability to connect audiences around the world without limitation, it’s easy to see why. As the world prepares for a significant surge in online content,video sharing and live visuals, this article discusses how live streaming can be used by businesses to manage and carry their business through this uncertain time.

Live streaming podcasts is a great way to provide valuable information

How does live streaming events work?

Live streaming works by simultaneously streaming media that is being recorded and broadcast in real time. As a medium, it has grown in popularity in recent years due to the ability to broadcast real time video content to a universal audience.

What do you need to livestream an event?

  • Good connectivity
  • High quality recording equipment (camera, tripod)
  • Audio and video production
  • Video management
  • Production of livestream itself
  • Video encoder to compress content into web friendly format

The live production capabilities offered by a mobile device are extremely limited. So, those looking for a reliable livestream that maintains a high quality, reliable feed throughout, are better to hire a video production company.

67% of viewers say quality is an important factor when watching a livestream (NY Magazine)

You’ll need a small team to help live streaming your event go smoothly and be broadcast and converted into high quality video format. A video production team can manage the video and audio production and live conversion, so you can get on with what you do best. People won’t engage with a low quality, poorly run livestream. For more on live streaming effectively, check out our quicktips guide.

Social media is great if you are producing a generic live post, however, for niche audiences, professional corporate events, or specific forums or meetings requiring a limited network due to private information,using a service that allows for these is crucial.  

Live streaming online means no big gatherings of people

What are the benefits of using a video production company?

  • Guarantees of a high quality end product
  • Takes all pressure off the subject / participants
  • Ownership of all video production, set up & content delivery
  • Ensures a smooth, clean cut, professional livestream

Benefits of live streaming your event

Reach out to a wider audience

One of the main benefits of live streaming is the unlimited reach it offers. Live streaming allows you to connect and interact with a much wider audience than a singular event alone. The unlimiting capabilities of the internet mean that, no matter where your target audience are in the world, they can tune in and get involved. What’s more, as you’re also recording the event, it can be made accessible to others after the event has finished. This all-encompassing, more universal approach can not only see you reach further than you would in a limited capacity event space, but also means the content is never lost.  

Can be inclusive and exclusive

Another great benefit of live streaming is that it can be made completely inclusive and exclusive (at the discretion of the host). Should you want to make your live content accessible to everybody, without limitation,live streaming allows for this. Similarly, you can limit access to your livestream should needs must, for example, if you were conducting a internal company conference, forum or Q&A. For the more sensitive, private information, you would need to set up a private livestream; this is where a video production company can be of real assistance, as having a team on board can ensure you are running a professionally led, high quality livestream, without interruptions or clumsy production value.

Having a team means that every aspect of the livestream is managed

Reduced costs

This is an obvious one – but there are hugely reduced costs to live streaming an event. Due to the nature of how live streaming works, you only need a handful of people to operate it. Hosting any size of event brings with it, unavoidable costs. This includes hiring the venue,travel, budgeting for security and extra helping hands… the list is endless. The savings you can make through live streaming are one of the main reasons it has grown in popularity in recent years as a preferred method of engagement.

More engaging

Another reason why live streaming has grown in popularity – how engaging it is as a content format. Compare a live stream to a blog post, or online video. Neither of these allow the audience to engage with the broadcaster in real time, let alone reply to comments and interact.Audience interaction is everything, especially in a time where individuals are looking for more exciting and engaging formats.

  • Forums
  • AGMs
  • Conferences
  • Panel discussions
  • Forum
  • Q&A
  • Webinar

Whatever it maybe, engagements are key to their success, and a live streaming platform facilitates such interaction like no other platform of engagement. What’s more, live streaming humanises a business – you bring the outside world in, and the very nature of this makes for more inclusive, engaging content.

Capitalises on a growing platform

Currently, not every business is onto the fact that live streaming is the way forward when it comes to online engagement. Meaning, now is a better time than ever to capitalise on this, stand out, and make some traction. No matter whether this is for internal business operations or to cast a net to wider audiences – a well put together, engaging live stream that is universally accessible during and after the event takes place is a great piece of content. Companies can build up their knowledge base for the foreseeable future, and companies can access past meetings and conferences if they are live streamed, too, meaning it’s a win-win.

Can attract highly targeted, niche audiences

The very nature of live streamed events is to tap into particular audiences. Not only is live streaming universal and accessible to everybody, it can be tailored to a particular niche and only made accessible to a select few. The ‘inclusive’ nature of live streaming leaves audience feeling they are a part of something special, and may have tapped into the live stream for a particular purpose. You are automatically targeting your content to views and an audience who will convert/follow/ engage; there is no other type of content that achieves this on such universal scale.

Cultivates trust with consumer/ audience

No matter if you are broadcasting within your company, or pitching out to others, or potential new customers, or other businesses as part of a forum, live streaming cultivates trust. At the end of the day you are exposing yourself to the audience in a very ‘real’ way – there is no post-production, no editing or tweaking; you’re streaming live, and engaging with others in real time. This humanises the interactions you have, which in turn makes for more engaging viewing, which your audience will value far more than a solitary blog post or highly edited two-minute video. Think about it – vlogs take longer to edit and put together, whereas with live streaming you are in the moment,as are those watching – this taps into the ‘inclusive’ as well as ‘exclusive’ sentiment to live streaming.

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