Benefits of using animated explainer videos

Maddie Prior
April 6, 2023
4 min read
Benefits of using animated explainer videos

Animated explainer videos are the perfect marketing tool to attract new customers to your website and help better explain your product or service.

The average user spends around 10 - 20 seconds on a site if there is no reason to stay longer (source). Therefore you want to make sure your landing page has an attention grabbing visual or video to keep them there longer. This is where animation comes in, it will help keep new customers on your website while selling your product.

Whether you're trying to launch a new product or service, explain your business or trying to change how you communicate with customers, animation video is a flexible and fun option to help bring these to life.

Zootopia movie still

Bring concepts to life

Animation allows you to create whatever you want as anything is possible, it lets the animator use their imagination when creating something new. Therefore it lets you bring any idea you have to life. Most businesses turn to animation when they need to break down what their product or service is or what it does. They use it to make it clearer to the customer as they can use simple images and scenes to break down the concept and make it more digestible for the audience watching.

By telling a story, audiences are able to watch the video and apply it to more real life situations. This will help put them in the character's situation and understand why they need to buy the product or service you are selling. Only 10% of people remember information they have heard, so just by speaking to your audience about what you offer wont help them remember (source). Audiences need to see visuals coming to life.

Animated explainer videos are not limited to scripting, you are able to decide what you want the characters to do and you can make it possible. You are able to have a wider imagination than you would be able to in real life video production. You can decide on the characters' costumes, if you want them to fly across the screen or move in a certain way. This allows you to bring a whole different story to life as it is your own imagination and any ideas you have are possible.

When using characters, you can create them in the image of your ideal customers and even brand the clothes they're wearing to help with raising brand awareness throughout your content.

Uses emotions

Animation has the power to transfer emotions, you are able to exaggerate the characters in the images and make the message you are talking about more distinct. 

The visuals and the sounds combined will interact with human emotions, it offers a more emotional and aesthetic appeal which can help your company interact with your customers on a more personal level. Animators are able to bring emotions into the storyline, this helps the customers keep up with the information you are giving them. When positive emotions are shown they are more likely going to be remembered by your audience as they will stick in the brain. 

Customers will have an early memory of cartoons this means they have a more psychological connection to animation videos as they have these memories from being kids. Cartoons are captivating as they are fun to watch and are colour so you want to be making your animations like this to help bring that memory back to your audience. By doing this you will be leaving more of an impact on your audience as you're bringing back older memories.

Visual & more appealing

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, the bold colours and different elements stay in the brain (source).

Animation offers an easy and effective way to communicate important messages, the visuals consumed are a lot better then text as they are able to leave more of an impact on the audience. The bold colours show your brand's personality so choosing the right colours to represent your brand is crucial as you want to make sure you're remembered. There's also many different styles you can choose from as well, you want your animation to be different to make it memorable, therefore by choosing a different style of animation to other brands will make your company stand out and look better. 

Animated explainer videos are perfect for businesses where it is difficult to sell a product or service. Animation allows your concept to be visualised and this can take over normal videos. Sometimes having real life people in the video can confuse the real message as they might not portray the message in the right kind of way. This can make it harder for your audience to understand as it might not be clear to them.

Hello World text

Doesn’t come across salesy

When making an animated explainer video you want to be educating your customers, explaining the product or service to them and entertaining them. Selling should be one aim but not the main aim. Being less salesy is a powerful tool when you are selling, as you are able to show your customers you care about them and their needs rather than just closing a sale. You want your customer to feel more comfortable when interacting with your brand and by helping them understand your product or service before selling it to them helps build that connection and importantly that trust.

Selling in the form of an animation is enjoyable and memorable to watch, you will leave a more lasting impression that will make it more likely for audiences to respond back to. This way you are building a more loyal customer base as they wont see your video as an indirect selling technique they will find it more informative and interesting. This will keep customers on the video longer, learning about your product or service which can then lead to more people buying what you are selling at the end of the video. 

Animation does not come across as staged. Consumers will find it less irritating to watch as they are not watching it and think they are being sold to. Whereas videos where you have someone speaking to a camera can come across more staged and scripted which is not what your customers want to see. Customers want more natural and fun videos they can engage with, animation allows you to do this as it will build your business a bigger personality through the use of bold colours and animated characters.

Using whiteboard animation software - Videomaker

Animated explainer videos are an easy way to communicate a complicated concept to a new customer, it helps create lasting memories and it can appeal to audiences more as it's a better way to tell a story. It offers a more dynamic way of learning without coming across as salsey to customers, it creates an alternative to text content and live action video.  

To find out how the RAW Pictures team can help you make the perfect animated explainer video, get in touch to chat to one of our team.

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