How to boost customer engagement through video

Maddie Prior
April 6, 2023
4 min read
How to boost customer engagement through video

A challenging task for any business is keeping customers engaged with the brand. With the amount of content on the internet you want to be making sure you are standing out from your competitors and what they are offering customers. Every business is fighting for the same attention therefore you need to make sure you are competing with everyone. 

Video alone is much more engaging than any other form of content, with customers spending 2.6x more time on pages with video than website pages without (source). Video is a format that will engage customers and make the more complex concepts seem a lot easier to understand, video is now a must for all brands rather than just a nice feature to have on your platforms. 

Here are a few tips on how to keep your customers engaged; 

Create stories 

Storytelling is key when it comes to creating engaging video, it helps create an authentic and trustworthy voice that can resonate with customers which will give you a much more powerful marketing strategy. Video storytelling pushes on people with an issue and provides them with solutions. You want to show them how your product or service can help them solve the issue and the salutation you have for them. This is able to spark further emotion as you are making them aware of the problems they are having and you are telling them that they need your help to fix these problems which can help them realise that they need to invest in your product or service. 

When creating a story you want to be making sure you include the plot, the purpose and the people, this will provide you with more detail to your story and it can help you explain what you are selling in a much more effective way. To follow a storyline you want to be making sure you have a plot to follow along with, when writing your script you need to be making sure there's a clear outline of what you want to talk about and how you want the story to flow. As a business you want to be giving your customers something to follow, this makes it much more engaging as they will feel like they are going on a journey with your company and they will be able to follow along much easier. 

Using a story allows your customers to build a better understanding of what is happening and helps them get to know what is being sold to them, it is putting all the information together in the easiest possible form. 

Build trust 

Showing stories will help build a better amount of trust between the brand and the customer. By creating a level of authenticity to your audience, perception of your brand is important as you want your customers to feel comfortable with your brand and feel a part of what you sell and who you are as a brand. Video content allows you to see further into any brand, this can help build a level of trust with the customer as you are bringing them into the brand and creating a friendly environment for them. Videos can carry a powerful message that you are able to share with customers. 

Testimonial videos are the best kind of videos that are able to build trust with customers and customers trust other customers' opinions. Testimonial videos are much easier to rely on over written testimonials as it is a face to face experience, customers are able to understand previous customers emotions through the video and know they truly mean what they are selling about the brand. Viewers can attach a face to what is being described which is important in these situations as you want to build as much trust as possible around the brand. 

Trust is a huge thing for a brand to have with its customers, the more your customers trust you the better their interaction will be as they know they can count on your business to provide them with the best possible work. This will help improve engagement with the brand as they will know the brand is doing everything for its customers as they will start to feel more a part of what the brand does and build a much stronger relationship. 

Know your audience 

If people watch the first 3 seconds of a video they will watch at least 30 seconds of the video (source), holding their attention is the most important part as you don't want them to click off and not finish what you have created for them. Understanding what your audience wants from your brand is important, because you can't see their reactions to your video through facial expressions. You have to rely on likes, shares, comments and even follows. Making sure you keep track of what content gets the most of these is important as this is the content that can then help you create your next set of videos. You want to cater your content to what your audience has liked before. 

As a company you want to be making sure you know what your audience looks for in content and what they want to see as this is crucial for when creating your own content. Asking your audience the question of what they like is important, find out from them yourself what they are interested in as this can really help you improve the engagement with the brand as you will be making sure it's perfect for them. This will make your audience appreciate the brand a lot more as you are putting them first and making sure the content you are providing to them is right for them and that you're not just creating something that they won't be interested in. 

Eye catching visuals 

People now have a much shorter attention span, the more eye catching the visuals the better as it is more appealing and fun. Using visuals can get your point across quicker in a much shorter amount of time, then incorporating text and narration to the video will help create a more dynamic and engaging video. People now are more focused on what they are looking at in front of them, the colors and graphics are extremely important and this is what is going to capture the attention and keep the attention therefore making these are creative as possible is crucial when creating your video. 

54% of customers demand more video content from their favorite brands or companies that they follow, this is important to remember as you want to be making sure you're giving your customers what they want as this will keep them engaged for longer. It will also help you stand out from the crowd as you will be giving your customers more than your competitors. Using your own graphics and colors will get your audience to notice you better and remember who is creating the video content. It's important to remember to do this as you want them to know who the video was created by, by just seeing the colors.  

Make your video mobile friend 

If your business is wanting to maximise your customers' engagement you have to make it a mobile friend. Everyone is now using mobile devices to connect with brands, mobile devices is where half of online activity happens today therefore you need to be making sure the content you're creating works on mobile devices. Ensuring your video is viewable in portrait mode is important, you are sparing the views hassle of turning their phones around and making it easier for them to view on the go catering to all needs. Making video mobile friendly will help engagement as more people are on the go, this makes it easier for people to watch your content wherever they are. 

Making a video mobile friend will ensure that your video stays short and gets straight to the point, no one wants to watch 5-10 minute long videos on their phones anymore which means you automatically need to shorten the length of the video you are giving your audience. Modern attention spans are short so keep your messages short and sweet to make the information more retainable. Similarly to this, adding captions and readable subtitles so customers can keep the sound off your video and read what is being said is going to be crucial, it will ensure everyone is able to watch your content and you will be able to understand what is going on without having to play the video out loud. 

Video engagement is a great way to connect with customers, and these are just some of our tips that we think can help you keep engagement with your audience through the use of video marketing. You want to be making sure the content you're creating brings your audience in and will make them feel more connected with the brand and want to share the content with their followers and friends. 

Incorporating these tips into your marketing can really help you keep your audience as well as attract a new audience, if you're interested in creating new video content for your brand chat to one of the team at RAW to find out how we can help. 

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