How to communicate with your customer through video

Maddie Prior
April 6, 2023
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How to communicate with your customer through video

Video is now essential when wanting to communicate with a wider audience as 96% of consumers increased their online video consumption in the last year (source). As video has become more important within the rising generations, businesses and brands want to be meeting their needs more as these will be their new clients or their future clients.

Communication is key and the importance of video marketing has never been greater. Therefore using video to explain products or services to your clients is a great way to engage the customer and it can increase the purchase of a product or service by 97% (source). 

Video is more engaging than text 

Video works better as information is transmitted faster into the brain through visuals than text is as it's more engaging to the audience's eye. The average viewer tends to retain 95% of the message if it's in video format(source). This shows that using video as a way of communicating will help your audience retain the information you are giving them, increasing the chance of them buying your product or service.

Unlike text, video has no limit. You can say how much you want, in a way you want to say it. The combination of visuals and sounds makes video the most popular medium, viewers are ready to listen if you're providing valuable content. Whereas if you were to write a piece around your product or service people wont want want to read it and you will have a limit to how much you write until the piece looks too long. Likewise you have to think about your word choices and punctuation more as you want the piece to come across to your client in a positive light. 

As the younger generation are entering the workspace, video content will continue to increase. This is due to the rising generation appreciating shorter and quicker videos that are more engaging over long text work. As a company you want to be providing content to your employees that they are going to enjoy and take information from, therefore rather than communicating over long text work communicate with them through explainer videos. 48% of employees consider video the most engaging form of communication(source)

Relate your message to your audience 

If you want your audience to really understand what you are selling them you want to make it relevant to them. As a company you want to express the message you're giving into benefits, show your audience why they need to watch the video and then explain why your product or service is right for them. Sometimes including text within the video is helpful, you can put the most important points on screen to stress these factors more. 

Making a scenario that can relate to an audience or stressing the concerns and issues audiences might have without your product or service will help you when selling. You want to be able to communicate to your audience that if they were to come across a situation or issue that your product or service can help with, that your companies is the best one to have. Videos like testimonials from existing clients are perfect for this as they are able to speak about their experience using your company which can help build a high level of trust due to clients trusting other clients opinions. Nearly 8 out of 10 users purchase a piece of software or app after having watched a brand's video (source).

Nonverbal communication 

Body language and tone play a huge role in the message of the video. Audiences are able to determine how exactly the speaker is feeling by watching the way their body is moving and the way their voice sounds. Unlike text, where obviously you aren't able to see and analyse the way that person is feeling. You have to go off word choices and phrases to understand the emotions of the writer. 

Video will allow you to build a more trusting relationship with the audience as you are able to see how passionate the individual speaking is. Audiences are able to connect more on a personal level as they can feel the emotion from the facial expression and the movements of the body throughout the video. This can be with any type of video, live action or animation. As you can have the characters in animation look a certain way to push the emotion into the audience.

Keep it short 

You want to get your message across quickly, the average person's attention span is less than 9 seconds. Most videos tend to be 60 seconds long, you want to be able to give the right information to your audience before they lose engagement and by condensing your message into a shorter video means it is more likely going to get more people watching the entire video and then share it with friends. 

It's more likely you will communicate better to your audience with a shorter video as they can see the length of the video and know they have time to watch it. Whereas if a video is longer than 2 minutes audiences know that they will need to stop what they are doing. 5% of viewers stop watching videos after 1 minute and 60% of viewers click off videos after 2 minutes (source). Therefore keeping it short means your video will have higher retention rates making it more likely to capture the viewer's attention allowing your message to get across to them. 

Communicating through video is growing more in importance. More businesses and brands are using video to explain who they are and their products or services to existing customers as well as future customers due to their being better engagement and more reach through video content. 

It is very clear that visuals are more effective, it's more desirable within the workforce as well as with clients so why not give them what they want. You want to be communicating with your clients and employees in the way they enjoy, as you want to be meeting their needs and making them feel more of a connection with the brand. Video will allow business to show who they are and 97% of customers say video helps them understand a business they are researching.

To find out how the RAW Pictures team can help improve your business' communication through video, get in touch to chat to one of our team.

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