How to humanize your brand on social media

Maddie Prior
April 6, 2023
4 min read
How to humanize your brand on social media

People respond to people, if you come across very marketing heavy less customers are going to want to follow your social media as they won't feel a connection to the brand. As a business you want to focus on being relatable, interesting and most importantly giving that human feel to the brand as this is what your customers will be looking for. Giving your customers these factors will build more conversation around the brand which is what your brand needs to be more successful, and these conversation will then turn into leads. Your customers want to talk to a person, not a faceless business. 

Showing that the human side will keep your platform engaging and interesting, therefore knowing how to humanise your brand is crucial as this is something every customer will look for when they are researching a brand. Here are a few ways in which your brand can use to add that human feel to the company; 

Share and engage with your audience 

A consistent brand voice can do a lot to support the brand and engage with your audience, you want your content to always remain relevant to who you're trying to connect with. If your content doesn't have relevance to your customer they are not going to stay engaged with your posts and they wont want to share your content with their followers. The content you are posting on your socials is there to encourage your audience to ask questions, by asking questions you are giving them more of an insight into the brand which can help push more conversions.  

As a company you want to show you care about your audience, posting content they will want to share with others will show you are not only putting out the content for them but also for people they think will like what you post about. To make sure you're posting the right content you want to be looking at what your audience interacts with, post similar posts to what your customers are liking and sharing as this is what takes their interest the most. Creating posts like these will show that you are about what your audience likes and are interested in what they are interested in as well. By sharing what your customers like will make them feel more comfortable with sharing their own stories with your company, they will feel more connected to the brand which is what you want your brand to do. 

Stay true to the brand 

Humanising your brand will give your brand more life, this means you want to make sure you know what your brand's personality is otherwise you won't be able to bring life to the brand. As a marketer you want the brand to be itself, opening the brand up to its customers is what will help build a much deeper connection as it gives them the chance to see the ins and outs of what the brand is and the values the brand has. Bringing the audience in will make them a part of the business' journey, making sure you keep the brand humble and share the good and the bad of the brand will help stay true to who the brand is and what happens within the brand. This makes it more likely for customers to trust you as you are showing them the struggles of running a business and it is reassuring to them as it makes them more aware that everyone does have bad days. 

Letting the personality of the brand come through and speak how your brand speaks is important when remaining true to the brand as it is much easier for customers to talk to the business if you talk about how they know the brand. As a company you don't want to change how the brand speaks just because you're on social media, you want to be making sure you're still using terminology that you use but also making sure you're keeping in tune with your audience and how they speak. Customers don't want to constantly see sales posts, share what you find funny. This builds a better connection with your customers as you are not just selling your products, you're showing your brand has a sense of humor. 

Take your audience behind the brand 

Showing your customers behind the scenes of the brand will show them the day to day life of what the brand does and what goes on behind the brand. Customers are used to seeing what goes into the work of the company so taking them on this journey can help them feel more a part of the brand and it gives them the opportunity to see how the company runs and who does what for the business to keep it going. Many people enjoy this content as it gives them an insight, this can help you stand out from your competitors as it's not something brands do therefore it will keep your customer more invested with shopping with your company. 

Taking advantage of features like stories and live streams on social platforms is important as you are able to take your customer around the office without having to post it on your actual feed. Sharing pictures, videos and experiences that the team goes on through these features will help the customer feel a part of the team more and feel like they are more friends with the brand rather than a paying customer. 

Behind the scenes content will give your followers a window into your brand, let them see the culture of the company and what days look like, this is why they follow your brand. Utilise what the social platforms give you, using all the features each network gives you will help you give your customers what they want and a reason to keep following the brand. 

Show off the team 

Social media is a great place to highlight the different members of your team, show off the people who work for your company and put the effort in to make the company what it is. If you post your employees on your social media it's building a new connection with customers as it is opening them up to who everyone is and what everyone does for the company to keep it running. Sharing team members' stories is a great way for customers to meet the team, let them chat about how they started with the company and what they do for the brand to bring the customers in more. This helps bring a human aspect to the brand as you are showing the faces behind the brand giving it more personality. 

Loyalty between customers grows by showing the team as you are letting the customer know who is looking after them and this can build a much better relationship for them. They will also become more interested in the brand as they will know who's doing the work for them and who is creating what they are buying. You want your audience to feel comfortable when buying your products and services so by showing who is in control of everything that goes on can grow that trust more as they will know who they are buying is in safe hands and makes them feel more secure when making a purchase.

Don't post like a marketer 

On social media you want to avoid using formal sentences and third party language, this will help build better relationships with your customers as you will be talking how your customer talks on their socials. This means you will be connected with them on a communication level as you're communicating how they would with their followers. You want to act as if the brand is talking to them in person, this will create a much better environment on your socials as people are more likely to interact with you if they understand how the brand talks and it's easy to commute with. 

By being more human it will give your business a better look, selling the brand in a fun way will help sell the business. Posting some personal content will help you come across as a more human brand as people are seeing the more realistic side to the company. There's stories behind every brand so sharing them will show the transparency of the company and it will make your customers like you more. Keeping this relevant with your mission and brand values will keep the customer coming back and shopping with the customer. 

It doesn't matter what your company does, it's important to connect with your audience on a human level as this is how you can gain success and engagement within your brand. Sharing your brand's personality will give them a reason to want to follow and support you more as they will be able to connect more with the business. Showing your audience your brand is human and can understand the audience's needs and wants can help separate you from competitors. 

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