How to Make a Good Animated Explainer Video

Will Littlewood
April 6, 2023
4 min read
How to Make a Good Animated Explainer Video

What is an animated explainer video? Why are they so popular? Animated videos for business aren’t just there to look pretty. They are a powerful marketing tool that can elevate your website traffic and visibility, and give a reason for customers to take the leap and make a purchase from you. Animated explainer videos can massively influence decision making, and be the difference between a quick browse and a new customer. 

So, how do you create an explainer video that sticks? An animated explainer video is for your business can form the first impression potential customers have of you.

93% of marketers who use video say that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy—an increase from 92% in 2020, making this the highest percentage of any year since 2015. (HubSpot, 2021)

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Define your budget first 

Before you get started, work out a realistic budget to determine what you can create within that budget. Animated explainer videos are usually cheaper in the long run than live-action videos, but a defined budget and video strategy from the outset will help you keep on top of costs. Early discussions with the explainer video production company you work with will help you work out your options.

How much does an animated explainer video cost? 

Please add 50 - 100 words explaining the different costs you can expect to pay for an animated explainer video. Please offer insight into different price brackets and what determines them (e. Animation style/ if this affects cost) 

Factors that affect the cost of an animated explainer video: 

- Video length 

- Total production time, from concept to delivery 

- Style and quality of the animation 

- Technical specifications of your video 

Create a video that makes an impact 

For customers browsing the web for a certain product, what is going to finally convince them to part with their money? Customers need to get excited about your product, and businesses can utilise the cheerful, bright and simple format of explainer videos to get people interested.

Consider the tone of your video 

The tone of your explainer video is almost as important as the content itself. Will your video approach be more light-hearted, or to the point? What kind of approach would best suit your target audience? Do some competitor research to see what’s out there already, and think about how you can offer better than what’s out there.

Consider your goals and objectives 

Before you start working on your script or storyboard, figure out your goals and key objectives from creating this video. Are you looking for more enquiries? What is the main call to action? Will it feature one particular product, or be an all-encompassing roundup? Iron out these questions early on, so that you can have a way to measure the true impact your video has. This will also help with the direction of the script, budget and overall video strategy.

91% of organisations are maintaining or increasing video content production budgets (Vidyard, 2021)

Tips for creating a perfect script for your animated explainer video

Businesses who don’t know how to make a good video should know; the script is key. The accompanying script will help shape the video and will keep audiences engaged and interested. Here are some pointers to help you devise the perfect script. 

1. Define the problem 

Any product or service looks to help the customer in some way. Refer to this problem in your video, as it allows customers to be introduced to what your business will offer, and can help them relate more if it is a problem they are experiencing themselves.

2. Offer a solution 

Your script should also explain how your company will solve the problem customers face. You shouldn’t only provide the problem, but offer a simple solution. Highlight the benefits of how your product, how it works, and how it can make life easier for your customers. Aim to have 3 key benefits you’ll discuss in the video, as concise key takeaways are more memorable than long lists.

3. The shorter the better 

Remember the point we were making about attention spans getting shorter? Keep your explainer video short and sweet! According to experts, the perfect length of an explainer video is 90 seconds. User interest significantly lowers after 2 minutes of video, so having 90 seconds as a benchmark gives you a good idea of what you have to lay with and what you need to fit into that timeframe.

4. Keep it simple 

Bearing in mind the fact that you’ve only got 90 seconds to play with, keeping things simple and to the point in your video will help it go further. Don’t overcomplicate points unnecessarily; a simple approach will resonate better with audiences who are looking for key takeaway points in an easily digestible format.

5. Discuss benefits not features 

Customer’s aren't looking for a video full of specs and claims. They will likely be looking for answers, presented clearly and concisely, by an experienced company. The specifications of your product or service can be found in other places across your website; your animated explainer video should highlight how your product or service will help a customer solve a problem.

Consider being in the customer’s shoes; what are they looking for from visiting your website? What problem would cause them to visit your site? This should give you an idea of what to include and focus on in your video.

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