How to make memorable marketing content in 2022

Maddie Prior
April 6, 2023
4 min read
How to make memorable marketing content in 2022

Your marketing content is extremely important for your company, it is the content that your audience and potential audience will see first. The type of content you put out will boost your brand awareness, engage your audience and drive more conversions. By producing quality content that will be more valuable and interesting for the brand, it will help catch the eye of consumers and sell the brand more. 

Memorable content will be more meaningful to the customers, it will stop them from scrolling past your marketing content and grab your attention quicker. You want them to stop scrolling, if your content blends in with everything else, then your customers won't take notice of it. Making sure it stands out will help you drive your results and create something that will stick with your audience. 

Here are a few ways to make your content memorable; 

10% rule 

Audiences will likely remember only 10% of any given presentation or digital content (source), this means you need to be making sure they remember the parts you want them to. You want to make sure the key parts of your content stand out so your audience is able to notice them and remember these parts. Utilising the attention triggers, memory magnets and decision drivers will help keep your audience's attention and will draw more emphasis to the most important information in your content. This is what will keep your content memorable as you will be utilising the memory magnets that will keep your content locked into the audience's head so when they see something that relates to your brand they will remember specific details.

Users usually forget 90% of what they read or watch (source) this is where the 10% rule comes in, as the other 10% of the information will hopefully be remembered. Audiences only have so much attention, this means you have to create content that your audience is going to remember or make the key points within your content clear so they stand out to the customer. This will make your content memorable as you are making sure your key points stand out so customers can take that information and do something with it. This can really change how customers feel about your brand and if they use what you are selling to them.

Video for your meeting can be more beneficial for everyone

Brand voice

Your brand's voice needs to be authentic; the brand's voice and identity is the personality of the business. This can help influence customers' perception of the company and can affect their buying decision. If your voice is a tone they like, they are more inclined to read more into the brand and create a relationship with you. As a brand you need to make sure you know who you are speaking to, the language you use for your audience is important as you want to make sure it fits in with the types of people you are selling to.

If you over complicate the brand's voice your audience are less likely to buy from you. To find out your brand's voice you need to consider words that best describe the brand and the values it has, you can do this by looking at the other content you have created. What are specific words you've used? Or the similarities in the language you have used. Making sure you communicate with the rest of the employees within the brand to make sure everyone agrees on the same tone is important as you want everyone on the same page. 

When trying to find your brand's tone of voice make sure you communicate with your customer, ask them why they brought from your brand and the type of voice they like engaging with. By doing this you will be matching your customers needs and giving them what they like to hear, it will help you identify the types of language they want to interact with and will help you stand out from the rest of your competitors as you are putting the audience first. 

A distinctive brand's voice will help differentiate you from your competitors, this will make it easier for audiences to remember who you are. You want to be making sure you are standing out over your competitors as you want your customers to pick you over them. Focus on creating a distinct unique and authentic brand voice, it will reach people from the start and keep them engaged for longer. There isn't any right or wrong style of talking, you want your audience to like your style and you want to be making sure they understand your style. It will help customers follow your business and it can be a selling point when they decide to go with your brand over your competitors. 

Engaging headlines

Strong headers and captions to video and photo content will entice your audience, you need these to spark interest. If they don't, audiences may assume that the content isn't providing enough interesting information as they want. You have to be interesting from the offset. Creating good quality captions and headers is the first step towards motivating users to read, watch and share your content, you want them to click onto your content and move onto buying from this. Making memorable captions will help your content get views and shares which is what you want from your marketing content.

Keywords are extremely important, using keywords will help your audiences find you better as they will type in the words and sentences they need answers to. As a brand you need to make sure you know what your keywords are and that you're using these within your marketing content as these are the words you will benefit from. Keywords can also be helpful when brainstorming catchy and attention grabbing phrases, you want to be able to know what words work for your brand and suit your brand. Therefore by brainstorming these ideas can help you get a good list together and decide on your favourites that suit the brand. These captions and headers will keep content memorable as it is what your audience will remember seeing before going onto the content, it will be specific words and phrases that will stay with them. 

Image, sound and motion

Audiences absorb more information in a quicker amount of time when watching video content as the moving picture and sound together make it easier for the audiences to follow along. Reading information is a lot slower as it requires more mental effort for the audience and it means they have to concentrate on the information they are reading on. This means less people enjoy reading information brands give out to them, therefore they want more video content as they don't have to deeply read into it they only have to watch what is happening. Having captions on your content can really help make sure the message is across.

Images and videos are more interesting, they are more engaging than written words. High quality content will capture the audience's attention, people will notice the content more if the quality of the posts are eye-catching and easy to look at. Visual content leaves more of an impact on the customer, they are more likely to remember what they have seen over what they have read. Audience will retain 65% of information three days after seeing it if its period is relevant to images (source). You want to make sure you're avoiding generic photos and videos as your audience don't want to see anything they have seen before, try to come up with your own ideas and keep them unique. This will benefit your brand as you will stand out and it will become more memorable as you will be standing out from competitors. 

Motions are very important, as soon as content as a moving graphic or video content it will attract an audience more as there is something new to look at. Giving your audience more will benefit your brand as you keep that engagement for a little longer than a still image would, this can help you get the important information across to them and help sell the brand more. Even keeping them on your content for a few seconds longer can help change their mind and hopefully increase sales. 

As a marketer you can put as much content out onto your platforms as you like as regularly as you like, however the frequency doesn't always match the quality of the content. If you want your content to stay with people and keep engagement you need to keep it creative and eye-catching. Audiences now want to see different content and content that stands out to them as everything is moving onto the online world. 

Making sure you establish a brand voice, keep engaging headlines and captions, remembering the 10% rule and using motions and sounds will help you stand out from the competition as you will be using key tools that others might not think of using. If you need help creating content that will stand out, chat to one of the team today to see how we can help.

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