How to make your animation as effective as possible

Maddie Prior
April 6, 2023
4 min read
How to make your animation as effective as possible

Animation is a big part of some businesses marketing strategies, it's a powerful tool which audiences pay attention to. 

Animated video is extremely flexible, you are able to use it for many different video types and it will keep the engagement of audiences longer than your live video might. The attention span of customers is around 8 seconds long, therefore video is a great way to hold the attention. However, there's around 300 hours of video content being uploaded to youtube every minute (source), this means your content needs to stand out. Animation will be able to do this as you are able to make it unique and fit your brand seamlessly. 

Making your animation effective is extremely important as you want to be able to reach your audience, here are a few reason on how to make your video as effective as possible; 


Colours are a huge part of animation. Colours are eye-catching, you are able to decide what colours you use for your business and how bright you go with the colours you are using. As you are creating the animation you have full control into what goes into the project, you are able to fit the branding in seamlessly and use the brands colours without having to worry what it will look like. 

Animation is great for branding, customers will remember what they see and especially the colours that have been used. If you're adding your brand's colours, customers will remember you more as they will notice your colouring when watching your videos. This will stick with them and become a memory for them. 

Colour is able to help guide the viewer's eye, it helps change the mood of scenes and helps set the scene more. The brightness and saturation can help adjust the mood and help reflect the mood of the video. Desaturated tones can help make the video seem more cold and sad whereas saturated colours can show more happiness and joy. Depending on the genre of your video will depend on the types of colours you are using and the different shadowing effects you will be adding to it.

The intake of information 

Animated video can help explain complex concepts easily, the visual information can be processed up to 60,000 times faster than text (source). This means the content you're creating will be consumed at a higher speed as people are able to do this with video content due to graphics being easier to consume than just a paragraph of text. With 65% of people being more visual learners, customers are more likely to remember something that is being shown in front of them in a video format or in an animation style. 

Animation is a great way to convey information whilst you are entertaining your audience, it is able to show how processes work with a quick explanation which will help customers understand the topic more, this will maintain the interest of customers and keep them on the video for a lot longer. Any type of animated video will help break down your ideas without it becoming too boring, it will help show off your products and or services without going on too long. These videos will help speed up the description of what you are selling to your audience and they will be able to see this visually instead of just having to picture what it looks like.


Audiences find animation more entertaining, people have spent years watching cartoons which has made our brains remember the entertainment side of the marketing tool. This may mean that people pay more attention to your animation as they have this fond memory of it, it will bring back childhood memories which will trigger emotion with audiences and make them feel more inclined to watch the content. 

Customers don't always get along with the actors in live action video, by creating an animation you can create a better emotional connection with your audiences as you are giving them something completely new. If you use actors you could be risking the video not appealing to everyone due to customers not getting like the style of the person that is in the video. Animation can be the safest choice as you can create the character around what your audience likes and what they will get along with. You will be able to work with what your customers like, this will build a better and deeper emotional connection as you are creating something for them showing your company puts them first. 

Animated characters draw customers in as it is something different, customers want to see different things. Without using something unique can turn audiences away, therefore doing what your customers want your brand will become much more interesting to more people. Animation will help tell the story within the video, without a character you might find it harder to keep the audience engaged. 

Unexpected from business 

Companies are still not using animation, therefore by using it as a marketing tool you are making yourself stand out from competitors as you are doing something different to what they are doing. Standing out in the video world is crucial, businesses are now using more video content due to video marketing growing as a strategy. This means you want to be making sure your brand is being noticed by everyone and standing out is important. Animation will help do this as it's still very new to the marketing well. 

Adding different elements to the animation to make it stand out more is important, adding more characters and new characters to each video will help your content become more unique and memorable. This can help build your brand as your characters will become part of the brand more and people will remember you from this. Adding different types of movements within the video can add surprise elements. Customers don't know what to expect from an animated video so you are able to play around with the content as much as you like. This can help you stand out more as a brand and try new things that haven't been done before. This can make your animation effective as you are giving your customer something that they won't be expecting which will keep them engaged for longer.

Best way to tell a story 

Animation can tell any story, it offers a lot more flexibility to communicate different situations to your audience and it can create a more engaging experience. Storytelling makes your video content a lot easier to follow as there will be an ongoing flow and audiences will be able to make more sense of what you are trying to tell them. Introducing a narrative to the video will give it a much powerful meaning it will help show off your brand and allow people to follow along a lot better. 

Animation can go further than many other competing messaging methods, it can make your audience care about where your company has come from and what they are trying to achieve. If you are telling a story you are letting them into the business, building a connection on a much deeper level than just a brand and customer relationship. You want them to feel a part of the company. 

Marketers are looking into creating more video content in 2022 as more audiences are interested in video than they are photos and text as it gives them more to look at and engage with. Animation is a great way to get new content out to your audience as well as attracting a new audience at the same time. It can help the reputation your company has and can build a good personality around your brand. 

Animation is a versatile medium that offers a lot of creative control, you are able to make your animation how you want it to look and reflect your brand perfectly. Doing animation yourself can  be very difficult and time consuming. Using a team of animators will help you get your idea perfect and bring to life your concepts.

If you are looking at creating animation content for your brand, chat to one of the teams at RAW. 

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Maddie Prior
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