How to use reels for your business

Maddie Prior
April 6, 2023
4 min read
How to use reels for your business

Instagram reels are a feature that allows users to create and discover short entertaining videos, these are 3 to 30 second videos that you can add text and music to as well as special effects. They are very similar to Tiktok as they are in the same style and users tend to repurpose their content, using their reels as Tiktoks and Tikoks as reels. 

Reels can be shared to your feed or on the reels tab on your Instagram profile which has been added as an Instagram feature, these reels can be seen by people who follow you and if you are not private, they can be seen on anyone's Instagram reels section. This feature is available in the UK and 50 other countries and most brands have jumped on using them as they are so popular. 

However, if your brand has not decide to start marking reels, here are few reason why you should start using them;

Create authentic content

Reels are designed to be quick and enjoyable, they are filled with special effects that make it easy to make these short videos more creative as well as giving your customer base more authentic content. Fun and enjoyable videos will stay with your audience, they will remember these videos more than they would just plan chatty videos. Even if they don't want your product or service now, if it is memorable they will remember where to go when they need your help in the future. These types of videos are a great way to build more excitement around the brand, it shows your audience that there's more to the brand than just what you are selling to them. This can help build a stronger connection between the brand and the customer as you're not hard selling to them, you are showing them the excitement of the brand. 

As a brand you are able to take full creative control, the type of videos you are putting out there is completely your choice. Showing your audience a peek behind the scenes will let them see the work place of your brand and the work that goes on that they don't normally see and the work they could be unaware of that happens. This will help show off the brand as you will be showing the hard work the employees put in day to day and the motions they go through to get the products and service out there to customers. It makes it more interesting for customers as they are able to see the brand in action. Day in the life videos are always interesting, it can give a better insight of the work culture and what different team members do. As a brand you can allocate different people within the team to do these videos so your customers are able to see what different job roles do daily. These types of video will show a less picture perfect side to the brand which is good when trying to build a genuine relationship as it strengthens the community around the brand.


Reels can get educational messages across in a much more exciting way, you're able to explain your product or service in a way that will catch customers attention quicker and it will get the message across a lot faster. Reels and video in general are easier for customers to digest as they don't look as daunting as a paragraph of text does. You can create step by step guides on how to use your products or service, create tips and trick videos or just have a video of someone asking questions that are frequently asked. These types of reels will help share valuable information that can change potential buyers opinions on if they want to buy from you or not. It gives the information in a much more exciting way. You are able to show your customer that the brand cares about your audience and that you want to give them information they want and need about what they offer. 81% of people use Instagram to research a product or service (source), therefore sharing educational videos onto your socials about your product or service will help customers when doing their research. If your customer knows they are able to get good solid information but in a creative way they are going to continue to follow and support your platforms.

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Showcase your brand 

Social media isn't about hard selling, it is more about communication and building a connection between your business and your customer. You want to be inviting your customer to join in on a brand's social media family as this will help reflect who the brand is and who the brand wants to be. Therefore instead of selling through Instagram you want to be showing your brand's values. Reels are an effective way to show the personality behind the brand as you are able to be as creative as you want, using brand colours and fonts so customers remember more about you. Making captivating videos showcases that you offer more than just a product or service, and that there is another side to the brand. 

Carefully planned video is one of the best ways to show a brand's personality and the values the brand has. Reels are more of a fun and personal way to connect with your audience, you are pushing aside the formal talk and creating a more personal connection. You are able to jump on trends or create different video styles that go well with your brand and make it a more fun way for customers to see your brand. You can create your own trends as well and get your customers to jump onto these trends with you. Reels will get pushed onto the explore page on Instagram, this means users who don't follow you will be able to see your content. 73% of teens say Instagram is the best way for brands to reach them (source).

Highlights the different products or services 

Reels are your opportunity to build excitement around your brand, you are able to show off what is to come or what you offer over other companies like yours. Through these videos you want to be showing your customer why they should be buying from you and why your product or service is better than others on the market. 50% of people have visited a website to make a purchase after seeing a product or service on Instagram (service). Reels are giving your brand or business the chance to boost visibility which can then boost sales, you just need to remember to hoot the audience instantly, if not they will scroll past and you will miss out on a sale.  

Customer trust videos, you are able to show them your product or service in action and give them clear knowledge of what it does or how it can help them. This can save your audience from buying from you and not receiving what they want, if they've seen a video they will know what they are receiving. 70% of shopping enthusiasts turn to Instagram for product discovery (source), this shows that using the reel feature will help more people discover your business. You want to make sure you are still using hashtags and informative captions as this is still a great way to help Instagram know what you are talking about.

A selection of RAW Pictures' Instagram reels

Businesses use reels as a way to creatively promote their products and services, it helps get the name of the business out there in a positive way. Reels will continue to grow as an important part of Instagram, more editing features will be added as well as an insight behind the algorithm and insights behind reels. This will help businesses in the future as they will understand how reels work better and what to do to make sure your reels are being seen by as many people as business. 

Reels can help your business share tips, educate, entertain and engage with wider audiences then the audience you have already got. Video is a much faster way to get your message across and share your information in a much more interesting way to people. If you are looking at growing your brand reels are a great place to start, they are free marketing which can be shared around by your current customer as well as them having the power to fill into anyone's explore page. 

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