How videos and blogs go hand in hand as part of an effective marketing strategy

Maddie Prior
April 6, 2023
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How videos and blogs go hand in hand as part of an effective marketing strategy

Video might be a more effective way of generating leads in some situations, but blogs allow you to expand on your points and give the customer more information after watching the video content. Giving your audience what they want is key, therefore creating both will make it easier to meet expectations and grow a relationship with the customers buying from you.

Here are a few reasons why video and blogs go hand in hand;

Creating video summaries 

Anything worth writing a blog about is most likely worth creating a video on! You are able to summarize the points from your blog straight into a simple video. This works either way, as you can go on to expand the points from a video and turn it into a blog.  Videos usually get more engagement as more people are visual learners and 74% of people find video more effective (source). Therefore, creating video alongside blog content will benefit everyone more and hopefully increase your audience!

Video can be shared anywhere. By creating short video content alongside a blog, this allows you to promote the blog on different platforms and push a whole load more traffic to your website. This will help people understand what the blog is about before reading it, this can maximise your readers as they are able to see a short video before reading. It can entice them more by seeing a teaser video. 

Video summaries are an effective way of presenting work. They can make a complex concept seem easier as they can explain the concept in a simpler way. This makes it easier for the lazier audiences as you are giving them the option of watching a video rather than reading large amounts of text that they can lose interest in.

Repurposing old content 

Repurposing old content is easy and very effective! By making old blogs into videos or old videos into blogs, this allows you to advertise the old content with the new content. This will help you improve the reach on both the posts as you can push the old content alongside the new content. You will also be able to build upon what you have created before as there will be new information and new statistics you can add to the new work. This will make it more interesting to your audiences as they are seeing a new style of work as well as new information that will interest them. 

By updating an old blog by adding video will make the content seem more exciting to readers as there is something different about it. This will help build up engagement due to more people being interested in watching videos over reading a blog. Audience members tend to be more visual learners and some people have less time to go through and read blogs, they want to just get to the point. Therefore, adding video makes this easier as you can watch a video wherever you are, you don't just have to be at home to watch it. 

Repurposing old content is less time consuming for your business. This can benefit many businesses as you are able to push new content out to your audiences without going through the worry of making fresh content. You can change the old content quickly without losing any quality..

Catering to different learning styles

Different audiences have preferred learning styles. Some consumers prefer longer written guides like blog style writing which is the more traditional way of learning whereas some people are visual learners, this means they would prefer to watch videos or look at images to guide them through the process. 65% of the population are visual learners (source), therefore it's highly likely your consumers are going to want to see some video content. However you need to remember that you have to cater for everyone who is clicking onto your website.

By producing content that caters to different learning styles shows you care about how your customer is viewing your brand and that you want to get the information you are talking about out to a wider audience. At first creating content that fits all the different styles will seem challenging however once you've found your way of doing it will become easier to produce the content you want to in many different forms. If you are just going to focus on one format it will be harder in future to incorporate another style.

Boosting traffic to your website

Driving traffic to your website is extremely important, you want to make sure you are creating content that will drive audiences to your website. Using keywords within your blogs or videos will help you get noticed by google, this will then place you nearer the top when topics are being searched. This will help audiences find your page easier as you will appear sooner than other brands. 

Blogging is an organic strategy that can push consumers towards your website as you can make sure you're including words that will make you noticeable. You can then make teaser videos for your blogs, these can be posted on social platforms or websites which will push even more traffic to the blog then the keywords. Having video on your landing page can increase conversion rates by 86% (source).These videos can be short snippets of what the blog includes to make people interested in reading it.

Another way to boost SEO is refreshing old blog content. Information and statistics change all the time so by updating the facts and stats to make them more relevant to what people will be looking for will position your website higher as you are giving relevant answers to questions customers are looking for. Likewise, high quality video will always help boost rankings which will allow more people to see your site.

Video is a great tool for boosting traffic to your website

Cross promoting your blogs and videos

Cross promoting means promoting your blogs at the end of videos or putting videos at the end of blogs that can link your audience to more information if they are interested in finding out more. 

If you have mentioned information in a blog that you have also got a similar video on you want to make your audience aware of this and link them together, it will make the audience consume more content and spend more time on your website. This will help maximize reach and increase engagement as you will be giving them as much possible information as you can about product or service which can increase sales. It will also help the consumers who prefer watching video see the content which can create a better understanding of what is happening. 

Expanding on information 

Linking video and blog writing will help you expand on the information you are sharing to your customers. If you make a short 90 second video you will be squeezing all the information into that time frame, but if you then go on to make a blog about the same topic you are able to expand more on your points. This will help you give a more detailed explanation to what you are talking about, this could change the buyers opinion on whether they buy from you or not.

As different social platforms have different timings for the lengths of video you can upload. This can affect how much key content you are putting onto your social media, therefore by having a blog that then goes along with the video you have uploaded will give your customer the opportunity to read on and allow you to expand your points you have been making.

Video is shared far more widely on social media than text or images

There are many ways blogs and video can work together to create an effective marketing strategy. You want to be creating content that will benefit your customer as this is extremely important when trying to sell a product or service. It will also help the customer understand more about what your brand and business does and what you are selling to them. This is all important as you want to be putting content out that your audience will enjoy and understand. As soon as it loses these properties your content will become less effective and you will lose customers.


If you want to start creating some amazing video content, get in touch with one of our team today to see how we can help revolutionise your marketing content.

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