The Benefits to Creating Video Content For Your Marketing

Maddie Prior
April 6, 2023
4 min read
The Benefits to Creating Video Content For Your Marketing

Video is crucial to any marketing strategy, video content is memorable to all customers and it is perfect for audiences who want short engaging pieces of media that are easy to digest. 55% of people consume video content thoroughly (source), this shows more customers are going to pay attention to what they watch over what they read and are more likely to take in the information. 

A good story can communicate the entire character of a brand in a short amount of time and stories can become very persuasive. You're making marketing videos to communicate a product or service, so it needs to be persuasive. 54% of consumers are wanting to see branded video content from businesses (source), you want to be giving your customers what they want as they will be willing to engage with the brand more.  

Here are some benefits you should consider if you thinking about making marketing content;

Video influences buying decisions

Audiences now go to Youtube to make their buying decision, they look for more product reviews as they want to see an insight into what they are buying and the honest opinion on the product and services you are selling. 90% of customers say that product video helps them make a buying decision (source) as it gives them a clear understanding of what they are buying from the brand and if the product or service is worth buying. With this 64% say watching video makes them more likely to buy (source), therefore adding explainer videos on your product or services will help push customers with their buying decision as they are able to see it in real life form and from different angles. 

Video will help increase your audience as you are showing them what you sell in the easiest way, 97% of marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service (source). The information you will be giving about your product or service will be much easier to digest and understand therefore making it easier for customers to understand if they need what you are selling. Four out of five customer say product demos are helpful, this shows that audiences are looking for video content as it's the best way for them to learn making them more willing to buy from you. 

Rank higher in search 

Video can help improve your website ranking on any search engine. The amount of time a customer spends on your page after arriving from google search can impact how you appear in results. 80% of marketers say that video has increased dwell time on their sites (source), this leaves a positive impact on your site as the more time people are spending on your site the higher you will rank in your google searches. Search engines can use transcriptions to discover relevant video based on a search, this is important to remember as you want to be putting keywords into your descriptions and headings of video content so you are more likely to rank higher due to search engines pushing your video higher. 

Videos are great for organic traffic, choosing the right platforms and creating engaging thumbnails will help push your video more and get it noticed by a much wider audience. Trying to avoid links or ads in your video will make them much more appealing to your customers, customers don't want to be sat through ads waiting to watch your video, they want to be able to watch it straight away. The average user spends 88% more time on a website that contains videos (source) therefore making video for your website will encourage users to spend more time on the website going onto the different pages on the website which can entice them more. 

More customers are watching video 

Video is a fast growing and a much more enjoyable method of communication. Youtube is now the second biggest search engine with approximately 1.9 billion users (source). Audiences are using Youtube more than most other search engines as people enjoy video and can find a video on any topic. By creating video content you are tapping into a huge market due to millions of customers wanting to connect with brands through video content as it is the easiest way of learning. More people are choosing video as a method of communication as it can explain everything and it's easy to understand. 98% of users say they've watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service (source). This shows it is a much more appealing method to everyone. 

Once you've created video content there will be a lot more interaction as people are more willing to watch a 2 minute video then they would to read a page of text as it is much more boring and time consuming for them. People also prefer video content over emails, social images, and blog posts, it is much easier to incorporate into everything your company does as video can work for any type of platforms and can work when putting it anyway. This can give your brand a better chance in changing the consumers minds and helping them make the decision for them. Video will also help with your social shares, social shares are important to all brands as the more customers like your content the more social share you are going to get which can lead to the business being noticed by new customers. More people are likely to share your content if they are interested in what you're posting. 

Keep up with trends

Video marketing is now the modern means of promoting your business in the most up to date way possible. Customers appreciate the businesses that stay up to date with trends and with what is going on in the world around them. It shows they want to stay more relevant and keep up to date with what their customers like. 64% of markets say video is a successful strategy for them (source) and that it has helped them keep up to date with what their clients are after and that it meets the needs of their customer which is the most important thing for all brands to be doing. 

Video can engage everyone, it is becoming more and more popular and appealing to even the laziest buyers as people now are way too busy to read long product descriptions and dig for the information. Therefore keeping up with today's market is important as everyone wants video and video will appeal to everyone you want to sell to no matter how busy they are. With video you now have so many uses, people aren't just looking for a simple narrative they want video that is authentic and that they can see the real side of, optimising features on social platforms can really help you communicate with your audience. Making the most out of stories and live features on social platforms will benefit your business as you can get noticed by anyone.

Video can help you explain everything. This means you need to make sure you are using it to your advantage especially as it is becoming a much more affordable medium for all companies. Video can be spread across the internet extremely quickly, it is free advertising for your business as all social media platforms are free unless you are using paid ads, using social can push your content to a whole new audience. 

More customers now want to see video, it gives people what they want and allows brands to create video they know their customers are going to enjoy. Chat to one of the team at RAW to find out how we can create the perfect marketing video for your business. 

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