The different uses of animation within your marketing

Maddie Prior
April 6, 2023
4 min read
The different uses of animation within your marketing

Animation can be relevant to any business, from a small start up or a huge corporate company. It can help explain complex concepts, sell products, or even help create something new and different for your brand. You can use animation anywhere, from social media platforms to websites landing pages, on advertising campaigns and in email marketing. 

Audiences can resonate with animation as people have watched cartoons or animation when growing up, this will help bring back a memory they have of forgotten about helping them connect to your marketing videos better. Using animation as a marketing tool can help grab audiences attention and keep them engaged for longer periods of time making your marketing strategy more effective which will increase traffic and leads for your company.

Here a few videos ideas you can create using animation; 

Explainer videos 

Animation works perfectly for businesses that need to use visual metaphors to explain their concepts. It's a great tool for teaching audiences about a product or service in a short amount of time as you are able to use colourful visuals to explain more difficult concepts and condense it into an easier format.  You are able to use animation to articulate what you sell in less than a minute or two which will be more beneficial to your customers as people don't want to be spending 10 - 15 minutes watching an explainer video, they want their information quickly and in the most effective format.  

Animation is able to make more complex concepts easier to understand. When it’s difficult to present your product or service, using animation can make it easier to show your audience the key points behind what you are selling to them and the benefits of your product and service. 59% of marketers use animated explainer videos to sell their products (source), this is mainly due to animation being easy to understand and more visually capturing for customers. It helps customers get their points across quicker in the easiest format for their customers. 

Sales videos 

Animation is an engaging marketing tool. It helps trigger emotions and keep customers interested for longer than live action video can. When selling a product or service you want to be making sure that your audience understands and are interested in the information that you are giving them, animation is perfect for this as the moving visuals and your creative freedom will keep them engaged for the entire video due to it being different. Adding a call to action at the end of the video will then give customers that final push to make their purchasing decision.

With sales videos as a business you want to be capturing audiences attention in the first few seconds on the video, this is crucial as you're trying to sell your business, if your video isn't interesting they will click off. As animated videos are customisable you are able to add anything or take anything out that you like or dislike. Therefore making sure you are getting the most out of your animation is important, you want to be making sure your video content is effective when talking to your audience as you are selling your brand or business. If your animated content is not effectively talking to your customer you might not see an increase in traffic or sales. 

Social media clips 

Animated clips are much more memorable then still images or live action video, the visual content will stick in audiences minds as it is something different on their social media pages. This will encourage more audiences to check your social platforms and drive more traffic to your business as you are giving them something different to look at. Animated video clips on socials can help change your social presence, you want to change up your marketing strategy and keep your post more creative. This can help leave a lasting impression and add a more fun side to your socials. 

Using video on social media is becoming more and more popular so as a brand you want to be creating content that is different and people will remember. Social media is always growing, more people are spending more time on social media, therefore you want to be pushing more eye catching content onto their landing pages. Animation will help show uniqueness within your brand, it will help contribute to your brand's image and build a better perception of your brand as you are offering something different to what your competition is doing. Audiences will recognise the content that is more original, which will stop them from scrolling and make them more likely to click onto your platforms. 

Animated content is a lot more fun than your average social media post, audiences enjoy seeing something different on their social pages and are more likely to engage with the post if it is something they haven't seen before. Social media platforms are becoming very similar therefore creating something new and fun will encourage audiences to stop scrolling and take time to look at what you are putting out there. This can help increase traffic and sales as people enjoy seeing unique posts. 

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Educational content 

Animation can help make classes and learning much more engaging, it can help express any idea or concept without any restriction. Your ideas are not limited as animation has no limitation to what you can create, you can use your imagination to create anything you want that will help your students learn what you are teaching. 

Using animation can help accommodate all the different learning styles, with 65% of people being visual learners (source), creating video content will help meet the needs of the majority of audiences, by adding audio to your video will help benefit the students who prefer to listen to people talking to them. Additionally you are able to add text to your animated videos therefore people are able to read what the video is about as well which can also benefit students when taking notes on the content. Being able to accommodate all learning styles will make your teaching more beneficial as everyone will be able to understand what is being taught. 

Animation can help boost students' retention ability, the brain is able to process visual information efficiently and quickly therefore it becomes easy for students to remember what you are teaching them if you are using video content to explain what they are learning about. Animation is able to grab attention, some audiences can spend hours reading pieces of work and not actually understand what it means or what it is telling them. As people now have shorter attention spans you want to be giving them information they are going to understand straight away. Animated video content is great for this as it keeps them entertained while they are learning which is important as you don't want what you're teaching to seem boring.

Using animation can be really beneficial to your business, it can show a different side to the company and create more engaging concepts. Customers want new fun content, changing up your strategy and using animation can keep audiences engaged in the content you are pushing out to them. Animation is able to get your points across quicker and tell a short story in a shorter amount of time, animation is customisable you can create whatever comes to your imagination, this will help customers understand better. 

Animation can create powerful associations with your brand and improve the reputation your company has. If you're thinking about creating animation get in touch with one of our time to chat about what we can do for you.  

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