The importance of client testimonials | RAW Pictures

Will Littlewood
April 6, 2023
4 min read
The importance of client testimonials | RAW Pictures

How many times when buying something new, or booking somewhere to visit, or looking at using a service, do you read the reviews first? I’d wager if it’s not 100% of the time, it’s probably 99%. So why would this be any different for business? It shouldn’t be, but still for a lot of companies is something they neglect to do.

Why video rather than a written testimonial?

Provided you’ve done a great job for your client or customer, why on earth wouldn’t you ask them to give a glowing review of your business? It will seem like a no brainer to a lot of people, but it still doesn’t happen enough. However, of course this isn’t just about why reviews of your business are important, but why you should be getting your client on camera.

Written testimonials for a business are great, and of course with Google valuing a company’s reputation so highly, they can also be a good help to boost your SEO ranking. But, how many times have you seen a testimonial from “CEO of accounting firm” or “Managing Director of local company” or “Mr Business from Business Ltd”. People are very savvy (see also sceptical) now when it comes to buying online, for anything from electronics on Amazon to looking for a new accountant or recruitment agency. With industries like these as well, it’s all about trust.

The value of a genuine testimonial

If it looks as though a company has a collection of generic and poorly written testimonials on its website, are you, as a potential client, going to trust them with your business? Probably not. Whereas if you have a client or customer on camera giving a very genuine testimonial about their work with you, that can do wonders for your online reputation. For a lot of potential buyers, watching a video testimonial like this takes away a lot of their qualification process in finding someone to work with. If another professional in their industry is recommending working with your company, that’s enough to get some people on board.

Producing a testimonial video is a great tool for targeted digital marketing campaigns as well. If you have a customer / client from a certain geographical location, or a specific industry, then you can use this video to target other businesses in these areas. If you use the video as part of a campaign on Facebook or other social media platforms, they allow you to be incredibly specific with who you want to target, meaning you will only be reaching potential buyers, to whom the video is relevant.

Marketing your recruitment agency

A great example of an industry where testimonial videos can be hugely important is recruitment, and this goes for both candidate and client testimonials. Think about how many recruitment agencies are out there competing for work. One thing that would make a company stand out to a client (aside from price of course) would be a genuine testimonial from another company, speaking about how pleased they were with the service, how quickly the role was filled and how great their new employee is. Likewise from a candidate perspective, if you watched a quick video with several people just like you who have been placed in wonderful jobs thanks to this agency, you’re far more likely to pick them to represent you.

The value of trust and reputation in business is something that should never be overlooked, especially when the competition for attention online is higher than ever. Everyone expects you to talk about your own business with glowing praise, so it’s worth a lot more when a valued customer is praising you instead.

For examples of where this has worked for our clients, check out the videos page on the website for some of our previous work, or get in touch to find out how we can help!

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