The importance of testimonial videos

Maddie Prior
April 6, 2023
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The importance of testimonial videos

Capturing customers' experiences creates an extremely powerful marketing tool, you can choose to write these testimonials down or you can capture these feelings on camera, which is even better. Video marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing and video testimonials can really build a stronger relationship between brand and customer.  

Businesses that are using testimonial videos are helping improve their brands image and help build a deeper connection with their customer. They are much more impactful and can leave a lasting impression on your customers keeping your brand in the front of their memory so when they need to buy a product or service you sell they choose to go with you, here are a few reasons why we believe you should be creating testimonial videos in 2022;

Credibility and trust 

Customers are more likely to believe other customers, written testimonials on your website might help you convert but they might not trust the quote that is in front of them. Video is much more persuasive as it is coming straight from the customer's mouth. Other people talking about your product or service are much easier to believe as they will be giving their honest opinion that is unscripted. Valuing and trusting your customers are going to give a good opinion will add credibility with them and encourage them to speak positively about your business. This shows that you trust your customers enough to leave positive unscripted reviews on your products and services. 

Word of mouth is an effective tool, it helps organisations build trust, this is why video works as people trust real people more than text and stats, showing your customers will help customers understand how they benefited from what your selling and how future customers might benefit from the product or service. You can generate positive results from powerful videos, 72% of people say that they are able to trust a business more by seeing testimonial videos (source).

Humanises the brand

By using video you are able to put a face to the brand and the product and service you are selling. Showing potential clients other customers who have benefitted from your product or service will make them believe that they will also benefit from it. This can help achieve a more in store experience that more customers want, giving you the added reassurance that they are making the right decision through using testimonial video. Many customers do feel disconnected from businesses because they're not experiencing the in store visits, therefore adding video content can make them trust the brand and put a face to the brand they are buying from. By putting a face to the brand can help give any brand personality, it makes the brand more relatable which is what customers want. They want to be able to relate to the company they are buying from as they then feel part of the brand.

Can help improve exposure

Testimonial video will make the brand more noticeable in bigger markets, visibility is one of the most important factors for any business therefore making sure your videos are easy to share and are interesting to views is crucial. Video testimonials are more unique than any sales pitches, they will grab attention of customers quicker and help keep interest, these videos can be shared anywhere. From your website's landing page to social media platforms and even embedded into marketing emails. It can help audiences find out more about the company and keep them updated with what other clients think of what you do.

If audiences haven't heard of your business or your product or service you will be able to differentiate yourself from other businesses as you are selling yourself through video format. Information that is shared in video format is 12 times more likely to be shared than regular text based content (source), therefore providing customers and new potential customers with video content will encourage more shares. In turn this will be free marketing as they are sharing it with their friends and family. 92% of the people watching videos share it with their friends and family without second thoughts (source). If the number of video shares increases the easier it becomes for customers to see how the company works and it will help build trust with the brand, this can increase leads. Getting a team to create video testimonials for you can help you create powerful videos that will convert leads into paying customers, the more powerful your video is the more exposure it will get leading to more sales. 

Trigger emotions

Testimonial video can help win customers over, this can generate a genuine connection without putting in any extra effort and time. Video testimonials are able to satisfy the customers needs as they are evoking emotional connections effortlessly, people believe people therefore showing what your clients think of you will help customers believe that what you are selling to them is the best of the best. Creating an emotional connection can convince clients that they will benefit from your product or service which will help increase sales as this is the push they might need to make a purchase.  

Video is able to show the face to face emotion, whereas written testimonials miss out on the facial expressions and the tone of a written piece can be read differently by everyone. Video captures everything, the tone of voice someone is speaking in as well as how their facial expressions change when speaking about something. If your clients are passionate about your business you will be able to hear and see this through the video which helps benefit your company as other customers will be able to see this. Facial expressions and tone add authenticity to a video, this can help develop a more emotional connection. Emotions play a massive role in decision making, building this emotional connection can help open their trust which is a massive part when businesses are growing.

Video testimonials are an example of one of the most impactful marketing tools for companies, with 78% of people watching online video weekly (source) you want to be making sure your posting videos regularly that are going to change potential customers into buying customers. Customer testimonials are the easiest way to satisfy customers as anyone can fake a written review but seeing a face to face video can inspire more customers to believe in the brand without any second thoughts. 

Not only do video testimonials create better relationships with customers, I can help promote products and make a more positive impact on the company in the best possible way. If you are considering creating testimonial videos in 2022 get in touch with one of our team to find out how we can help you do this. 

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