The power of event video

Maddie Prior
April 6, 2023
4 min read
The power of event video

Video is crucial to an event's success. Video marketing is a very powerful tool, it helps create a stronger emotional connection with the audience, build excitement, drive engagement and capture the experience of the whole event. As an event company you will be capturing and creating valuable content for your audience, which will help attract, engage and convert a new wider audience.

Video is able to help educate and develop a deeper level of trust, this will help any customer make a purchasing decision faster. If they believe in what you are selling to them they are more likely going to buy. 64% of customers are more likely to buy online after watching a video (source). Therefore, by creating a video that you can make public will help you convert any customer. 

Promotional content

Building more publicity around your next event is crucial, using content from previous events to promote your next one will help encourage your customers to come to your next event. You will be able to capture the best moments to promote what else is to come. Capturing elements like testimonials is important, getting your own audience to talk highly of you and how much they enjoyed the event that took place will help build a stronger level of trust between you and a new customer. Customers trust other customers' opinions, 95% of customers make a purchasing decision based on online reviews (source), by getting strong reviews from audience members will increase encouragement for new audience members to buy tickets for the next event.

The footage you are able to capture from your event can be turned into a highlights video, this can be shared on any other platform. You can use snippets of this event on landing pages, on social media platforms and even when emailing customers. This will help promote future events and allow people to see what you offered at the last event so they are able to see what they can expect from you. By building up this excitement will encourage people to come along next time as they will want to be part of the event and not want to miss out.

Expanding your reach

Video can be shared anywhere, youtube is now the second largest search engine behind google (source). You want to be using platforms like youtube to extend your reach further than just your regular audience. Sharing with more people than just your local audience will allow you to start reaching audiences across the country and even worldwide, making your event even more popular. As a brand it will help you collect new leads from people from anywhere, it is super easy to share links across social media which will give you the opportunity for more people to see what you have put on.

By offering a live stream to your event will help you open up your event to everyone, you are allowing people who aren't close enough to come to your event to still feel a part of it. This is hugely important as you want to show you can give everyone the opportunity to be a part of what you are holding which can build a much better connection between your brand and the customer. Sharing a link that can take people to a live stream of the event will let people who missed it see what they missed. Video is powerful as it can make everyone feel a part of what happens and build a more personal relationship with your brand as you give everyone the opportunity to feel apart of it. 

Re watching the event after 

After the event has taken place, audiences who attend might want to relive the best moments of the live event again. Filming the event will allow you to post the best bites and the highlights of the day, this will let your audience watch the moments on repeat. This can help encourage audience members to return as they will always be able to look back on the footage and remember the time they had when they were there.

By putting all the best bites together and sharing this content will also give potential audiences the chance to live in the moment the live audience got to witness. Watching the audience enjoy the event will help them make their decision on if they want to go to the next event as they will want to get the experience they had. These highlight videos are much more authentic, this is the type of video audiences prefer and want to see as it is much more natural. It will help them feel more a part of what was going on.

Youtube website screengrab

Helps the buyers journey 

Event video can be used throughout the buyer's journey, you are not just targeting audiences who know you but you are able target any customer at any point with the use of video. The different stages of the buyer's journey will use video in different ways to help encourage the buyer to buy; 

Customers at the top of the funnel are the customers that you are introducing to your brand, using event video will help boost performance on your website and increase your SEO. It will help put your company in front of a brand new audience and help you introduce yourself to them. 

Customers in the middle will be considering their options, they will be looking into the brand and trying to gather more information. As a brand you want to be using your event video to show off your knowledge and give the customer an extra push on why they should come next time. 

Customers at the bottom are the customers you are encouraging to sign up, these are the customers that will be boosting the sales and with the use of your video or even the testimonials will help you close that sale.

The more creative your video is the better value your video will have, it shows that using video can help give potential customers the push they might need to come to your next event and see it in person. 

Improves your companies brand image 

Video helps show your brand's personality, it is versatile and a creative medium that can help express the story of the brand and the people who work there. It helps show the brand values and the company culture to future employees to your brand and new customers who might want to come to the next event. This can help encourage people to apply to work for your company if they are able to see what you do and the passion behind the brand. Video helps show the type of environment around your company.

laughing people in party

Events are a perfect place to grab promotional video and show who the company is, it will help you refresh your branding and give your customers something new to look at. Video is the perfect to use across marketing platforms, including social media therefore making sure you capture the best moments will help audiences see the type of company you are. You want to be showcasing the best side of your business, and video is the perfect way to show off what your brand is about.

Filming your event is very important, once you have uploaded it and put it out there to your audience it has a permanent place on the internet. This means it can be watched whenever, wherever and by anyone which will help your businesses reach and engage audiences.

As you can see there are many different reasons why you should be capturing your events on camera, and video has a lot of power behind it. We know that filming your event can be stressful so if you're thinking of getting your event filmed, get in touch with us and we can help you through the process. 

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