Tips on levelling up your video content

Maddie Prior
April 6, 2023
4 min read
Tips on levelling up your video content

Video content is now an extremely popular marketing tool, it helps market your product and services, educate your audiences, increase brand engagement and keep your social media updated. 86% of marketers claim using video has increased traffic on their sites (source), shows video is a huge part of the customer experience and you want to be creating content your customer will enjoy. 

As a business you want to be making sure the content you are producing is engaging and good quality, this will keep your audience's interest for longer. Therefore, you need to be looking into how to make new exciting content and how to step up your content from what you have created in the past. 

Here are a few tips on how to level up your video content;

Adding animation 

Adding animation can really change how your video looks, it is an engaging factor that can add something different to your videos. Even if it is only a few moving lines or shapes, it can really keep your audience interested for longer. Animation can really help level up the content and make you stand out from competitors, by making sure you stand out will help you win over more customers as you are choosing to be different. 

Customers are more encouraged to share animation as this is what they enjoy watching and interacting with. By sharing the video with friends and family is giving your company free marketing as they will be sharing it around their platforms for you, this helps reach a whole new audience. Due to it being more eye-catching it will keep audiences on the video for longer which can help increase the view time and the potential new customers you are getting. 

Adding animation when explaining more complex concepts will help simplify what you are speaking about. This helps bring your product and services to life in the way text is unable to and it will make it easier for audiences to understand what you are talking about better. 

Using a production company  

Production companies know the best way to connect with customers through video. As a company you can use phones to film your videos however it can be tricky to capture good quality footage. If you want to be making good quality and professional looking content using a production company who has the right equipment and the understanding of what to do will help change the way your video will look. 

The quality of content is crucial, customers will be able to notice if you have filmed your videos on your phone or not, therefore deciding to use proper cameras can really help keep your videos engaging. The quality of the video can really affect audiences if they stay on your video or not. As your website is normally the first place customers will see your brand, making sure you have professional looking content is vital. You want to come across as professional as possible as the chances customers will buy from you will be higher if your video content is better. 

Having a clear storyline 

Stories help create value, marketing videos that are focused on sales will more than likely be ignored as customers don't like feeling pressured into buying. Storytelling will help sell without really selling, aggressive marketing wont work as it wont keep attention like stories will. Customers want to be kept interested and find out where your story goes as they will follow along with the video better. 

As a business your goal should be to connect with your audience as well as giving them the correct information. Customers don't want to watch a video that doesn't have a narrative, they want videos that will appeal to emotions and make them connect with your brand on a much deeper level. The better your story is, the more likely the viewer is going to understand the company and what to work with or buy from you. Stories are a huge part of human culture, using stories in your campaigns will help engage your audience as well as the wider audience as they will enjoy listening to what you have to say more. 


How you light your video can change how the whole video looks. If you don't use enough lighting your video might not be as engaging as the darkness won't appeal to customers, this will work the same if your video is too bright. You don't want audiences to not be able to see what you're trying to show to them. 

If you're working on a budget the sun is a great light source, natural lighting is great when it is a good day. However it can change very quickly, as the weather is very unpredictable you don't want to be relying on the natural lighting on shoot days as anything can change. Therefore using light sources will help you make the perfect lighting that is right for your video and it will allow you to create the lighting effect you want for your video. As a business you are able to decide if you want a soft or hard lighting, you are able to consider shadowing, if you have little to no shadow or harsh shadows. Having little to no shadow will create a more straightforward and professional looking, this is used more in business marketing videos.

Knowing why your creating the content

Good video content should always be planned, you need to be considering where, when and how your content will be used as well as understand the purpose of the video you are creating. Making sure you know what you want to achieve or communicate to your customer is the most important part. If you're unsure about why you're making the content it will be harder to create as you will begin to try and film everything and it will end up looking messy. If you don't plan your content it will show, customers will be able to notice if your video has been rushed and this will leave them feeling underwhelmed with the finished project and it might create a poor opinion on your brand. 

Knowing why you're creating the video will help you give the right information to your customers and make the video flow a lot smoother. Once you know the goals of your video content you will be able to create all the next steps like the script and storyboards. By knowing what you want it will make the next steps a lot easier for you as you will be able to plan everything you need and what you want the video to look like at the end. 

Make the video mobile friendly

As a company you want to be catering to your audience, now almost every customer is on social media or uses their phones for the internet. You need to be making sure that your video content is suitable for mobiles, if your video content isn't you could be losing out on views and even potential customers as they want to be finding your content in the easiest way possible for them. Mobile users are more engaged than any online customers, they are more active and will interact more with your brand through their phones. 

Similar to making your video mobile friendly you want to be making sure your video is suitable for each different platforms you will be posting on. Customising your video to fit each platform is important as it will help with the algorithm of that specific social platform. This means you will be pushing your content to be seen by more customers. Making sure the customer's experience is good as it can be is crucial to your brand, making videos that work on websites through mobile viewing is key. Customers enjoy viewing from mobile so making sure everything works this way will help you level up the content you're giving while giving them a better experience when viewing your products and services.

Incorporate client testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to engage audiences, it will help them understand how they might use your product or services or how it will help them at some point in the future. The real life stories or situations can help build more authenticity for the brand and make it easier for the customers to trust the brand. Testimonials allow clients to see how other clients talk about what you offer and give them an honest, unscripted opinion on the brand. 2 out of 3 people say they are more likely to make a purchase after watching a testimonial video (source).

When a client or customers is on camera giving a genuine testimonial about the work you have for them it can help the brand reputation, for the potential buying customer testimonials will help them be convinced into working with you as they can see the emotion from the people who recommend you. 64% of people say that testimonial video has played a part in convincing them to buy a product or service (source).

Video content can help generate faster results and increase website traffic as you are giving your audience what they want as over 50% of consumers would like to see more video from their favourite brands (source). The more professional your video looks the more it will be able to benefit your brand. Clean professional video will keep audiences engaged and interested for longer. It is important to make sure you are changing up your content, customers don't want to be seeing the same content across all platforms from all companies they are looking into. The companies that are doing something different will catch the eye of customers more. 

Leaving up your videos will help your business stand out from your competition, it will help change the opinion your customer might have on your business and it will help you appeal to a much wider audience. Get in touch with one of our team to find out how we can help you level up your video content.

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