Using a meet the team video to humanise your brand

Maddie Prior
April 6, 2023
4 min read
Using a meet the team video to humanise your brand

Video is obviously a hugely effective tool for marketing your business, allowing you to create engaging and interesting content that can get your message across effectively to customers.

Following the last year of being stuck inside watching cat videos on Youtube, we all now know how much video sticks with you.

Commonly people will use testimonial videos, explainer videos, event videos etc to really get their messaging out there and these are all effective marketing videos.

What we’re going to talk about today though is creating a “meet the team” video and why this is a great tool for not only online marketing, but recruitment and team culture as well.

What is a meet the team video?

Well in simple terms, it’s a video about your internal team! This can of course take many different shapes, but it would primarily talk about key skills, individual stories and the strengths of each team member.

It’s an interesting way for clients or customers to hear your company’s story from the perspective of its employees, and get to know a bit more about the people they engage with.

You can also talk about why your business is a great place to work, if you’re coming at it from a recruitment perspective.

Why is a meet the team video effective?

Video is a powerful marketing tool and great resource for communicating. Using the power of video to communicate with customers is more efficient as it will get your point across to your audience quickly. Therefore, creating a meet the team video will help you show off your team and their accomplishments as well as showing potential clients why your company is right for them and they should choose to work with you. 

Video is far more effective then a message, messages conveyed in video are more engaging and they can lead to higher conversion rate. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and is processed so much faster in the brain than text is (source). This shows you are able to connect better with your audience as they are more likely to choose to watch a video about your team then they would read about each team member. 

By creating these videos will give you the opportunity to create shorter, shareable clips for social media. You can post a different employee section of the video weekly so customers can see who works for the company. Over time everyone's section will be posted and customers will be able to see the whole team through social platforms. This will be effective for your company as it can make it easier for customers to find who they need to speak to through your social channels and can help clients get to know everyone a bit more.

The benefits of a meet the team video

Your customers want to know who is behind the face of the company, it helps potential customers get to know you; nobody wants to deal with just a logo. They want to know about your team and more about what each member does. Meet the team videos are perfect for giving this information to your customer and will build a more personal relationship with your business. By building a more personal relationship you are helping them decide if they want to work with your business or not. It will also help establish to potential customers that you are a legit company as you are able to show the people who represent the team, which can build more trust.

Video can increase your website visits, by having video on your landing page it can increase conversions by 80%. Therefore, providing your customers with a video as soon as they land on your website allows them to get to know the business a bit more without having to read a paragraph of writing which many customers don't want to do. This benefits you as you're getting your business out there which can help increase the sales. 

Your website users will be able to find the right person to speak to. Once watching a meet the team video your users will know who the right person to speak to is, it will help them find the answer to their question easier without having to go through the whole team before getting finding the right person to speak to.

Meet the team videos can bring your organisation to life. You are introducing the people that have the biggest effect on your customer as they are the face of the business. Giving the human element to your organisation can help connect the audience and business, which will help customers look beyond the products and services you offer to them. It helps show that you're more than just a name or service/ product.

What to include in your meet the team video?

Meet the team videos need to be personal. You want to include all members of your team, what they do, their skills and stories and a picture of them. This allows customers to get to know everyone as an individual. This will create a deeper level of trust as they are able to put faces to job roles. You are able to show personality through these meet the team videos, add fun facts about everyone it will help the video seem more fun and relaxed. You don't want the customers watching to think that you are always serious, you want to be able to show a different side to the company that they wont always get to see.

Add short customer testimonials in, this will give new customers the opportunity to find out what other clients like or liked about working with the company. Even though you want the video to be enjoyable it’s still good to have a serious side to the video. By adding other opinions it can help build the customer's trust as they are hearing someone else's thoughts of the company in their own words. You are able to see a genuine reflection of the company and its culture from from these clips. This will also help build trust with potential clients as they are hearing positive feedback on your company.

Humanising your brand is important as you are able to bring the brand to life and you can introduce the faces of the brand. Meet the team videos can be your brand's first interaction with a new customer therefore making it personal and fun is crucial. You want the video to capture the passion that the team has for the brand and bring more personality to the brand identity. You want to be making sure your video is entertaining to your customers as well as still showing your professionalism, you want potential clients understand the team as well as build a more personal relationship with the company.

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Maddie Prior
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