Using animation to bring your brand to life

Gabriella Skinner
April 6, 2023
4 min read
Using animation to bring your brand to life

Animation can help bring your business’ brand to life. Using animation can help your business take a step further in connecting with the customers in a more visual way. People generally connect more with animations that are more memorable and engaging. A good animation can leave a clear image of the service or product your business is providing. By adding creative touches to the animation which helps tell your business’s story can be a highly effective tactic in making it a lasting impression on your audience.

With animation you can convey meaning without words. You can bring the brand’s style, values and features making it instantly recognizable to your potential customers and loyal customers.

Animation helps bring your buyer personas to life.

One of the key ways in developing your brand identity in a strong manner is to resonate with your audience in creating a buyer persona, a representation of your ideal or typical customer. Once you start to understand what your ideal customer is, these types of customers are then more likely to trust your business and services and will potentially buy into what you are offering. Using animation, can bring the buyer personas to life, creating small stories around your service or even characters who resonate with your customers, who they're then able to relate to. Animation can help bring a negative space into a positive one, by having a story which resonates with the buyer persona and creating a story where you are able to turn it into a happy outcome, people will then start to see the positives your business is trying to bring.

Animation explains who you are.

When using animation it is mostly for businesses with complex services who are trying to explain their services in a more engaging and informative manner to help connect with customers. Unlike live video, animation allows unlimited flexibility, meaning you have unrestricted versatility, and you can simplify complicated concepts, reveal aspects of your product that would otherwise be hidden, and, most importantly, create a true reflection of your company's branding and aesthetic. Creating an animation which reflects on the brand, you can illustrate your brand’s features and the focus your brand is trying to concentrate on.

Animation can illustrate your brand’s features and focus.

Animation can show the flexibility and the fact that it’s a compelling ideal tactic for your branding campaign. Using animation can help your business deliver a simple message or explain a complex service in an appealing, cost - effective way. The great thing about animation is that it is very adaptable and can be included in your marketing strategy in numerous ways! With these types of videos this means that they are easy to reach for potential customers as they appear in a lot of search results and when consumers are thinking of buying the product, they are in the stage of the marketing funnel of the consideration stage. 

Animation can make your brand instantly recognisable.

Using animation is an excellent opportunity to show what sets the company apart or even to bring out a call to action. Using animation can help make your business stand out to competitors, and using animation can make you stand out too and will help you take advantage, to break away from the traditional ways of how marketing is perceived. A majority of consumers prefer video to text and animation is the perfect video to grab people’s attention since it is very eye-catching and pleasing to look at. With animation it is also a much easier way to get your message across as it is a different way on how you can explain your brand value, and this will make you stand out from other competitors as you are approaching how you explain your brand in a different way. 

Animation can turn negative space into a positive one.

What I mean by this is that the negative space is the space in between this is within and the surrounding of an object in an image, often to form another image or a symbol. The positive space is the focal point of the image, the object itself, whether that be a character or a symbol. The negative space is just as important as the positive space. It shares the problems within the animation itself and will have a defining outline of the story. For animators it is important to create a story line and you share a positive light in the outcome of the story, as customers enjoy seeing a positive storyline with a happy ending because this will then instantly make your brand recognisable. For the consumer this will then put a great image in their head and will make the story memorable and this will then make the consumer want to purchase the service or product you have provided.

Animation can be easy to understand.

There is no better tool for breaking down and describing complicated concepts than animation. Animation gives you more flexibility than live video when it comes to explaining complex concepts, in a limited amount of time. However when thinking of how to attract the consumer, the first few seconds are crucial. People want to be able to see the greater adaptability than live video, and with animation it enables the consumer to become easily engaged as it is more eye catching and pleasing to the eye. Consumers today need to have a dynamic and active content to stay engaged.

Animation can boost the conversion rate.

When using video animation on a website, it is more likely more users will spend more time on the website when you have a video. 

‘According to Deadline, animated videos have a higher click-through rate compared to text, resulting in a 70 percent boost in conversion rates, and are shared 12,000 times more than other content.

If you use animation to explain the benefits of your businesses/services, the consumers are more likely to watch the entire video than read about the service on text on your website. This allows your message to go across in an engaging way, whilst the consumer can learn about your business. Another thing to do would be to add a call to action at the end of the video as this is a great way to drive the consumers to take further action. 

Animation is a fantastic tool to get the attention of consumers. The only limit is your imagination. Animation in video lets you demonstrate any idea without having to capture it on film. By using animation you have the ability to easily bring any idea to life, no matter how complicated or different it may be.

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Gabriella Skinner
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