The power of using video as a training tool

Maddie Prior
April 6, 2023
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The power of using video as a training tool

Video content is a great tool for communicating educational content and creating strong employee training and development. It is crucial to use as you want to be making sure your employees are growing within their job roles as well as within the business. As a company you want to be creating content that will help develop your team as this will be more beneficial to you as a business. As a trainer or coach considering video content will help you reach out to a much wider audience and you might appeal to more people if they know they can take your classes online.

It is helpful to capture training videos on camera as you can use these as reflections or send them out to your audiences. Here are a few reasons why you should be considering filming your training videos

Video is accessible 

Video can be accessed anywhere at any time, audiences are able to watch it when they want and when it suits them best which makes it easier for everyone. As a company it is hard to get a whole team together at the same time due to different employees having different schedules and not being able to make themselves available at the same time. Video is perfect for this as you are able to get trainers to record videos and make them available to all employees online, this helps everyone fit training time into their busy work lives. Uploading video content to the company website, or sending out an email to everyone means employees or students can watch whenever they want. The videos can be used and distributed repeatedly as long as the content continues to remain relevant. 

When planning employees training days or training days in general you have to remember that you'll have a large group of people in one space. This might mean some people will find it hard to concentrate or actually understand what is being spoken about, employees can easily miss something, and not everyone will be comfortable asking trainers to repeat something. Meaning vital information can be missed, which leads to time and money being wasted if people aren't paying attention. Video is a great way to avoid this as trainees will be watching it in their own time when they are away from distractions, making it easier for the information to be disgusted and they are able to watch it in their own time going to their own space. 

Since Covid19 people still might not feel comfortable coming into the office and being in small training rooms with lots of other people. Therefore, it can be easier to send a video to everyone so people don't have to worry about traveling into the office and then being around lots of people at once. Making training videos will help those who don't feel comfortable coming into the office more at ease.

Videos cost effective 

Video training will cost you less as you are able to re-use the content you have filmed and won't have to pay someone to make new training videos until the content you have created becomes irrelevant to you. This means you don't need to pay for a new video until it needs updating. As a company you are able to record training sessions and have them available for the team, this allows the people who were not present in the session or want to revisit the session to watch it and not have to worry about spending money on travel to get into the office or pay for another training session. 

When using trainers or coaches you will be paying for their service to come to you, their travel as well as the cost of the training materials they may bring along with them. This means you as a company will be spending a lot of money to get someone to you every time you need new employee trainers or employees training updated. With video you wont need to pay anyone to come into the office to talk to everyone you will only have to pay for their service as you will be able to deliver the video to your staff and audience. This makes it easier as you will be saving money and your employees won't have to worry about getting into the office.

Using animation 

Video is great for breaking down complex concepts and ideas. The visuals help make these concepts a lot easier to understand and more digestible for your audience. By using animation it can help simplify your work and what you are talking about through the use of brighter visual content, it will help keep audiences engaged more as it is something more interesting to look at over live video content. 

Due to some topics being more complicated or dry which people will find hard to engage with and harder to understand you want to use graphics that standout to make your concept and ideas more fun. Using icons can be very effective as they can simplify everything and make it easier for audiences to wrap their heads around what you are trying to educate them on.


Video content is easy to deliver as well as easily shared, if people find video content engaging and useful they will more than likely want to share the content with friends, family and colleagues within the team. The more useful the video content is the more likely people will pass on the videos to others to help them. This is beneficial as your content will be reaching more than just the one person who is learning from the training video, it means it will be helping more than just one person even if it doesn't help them right now it can help in the future. 

Making your training videos easy to share will help you as a company reach a wider audience base, making you more well known and helping you grow. This is beneficial as people will create a positive representation of the brand and want to work with you or alongside you on what you offer. If your employees or trainees are able to share your content around your business it will be seen as helpful and create a lasting impression on the brand.

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Engagement and retention rate

Video content tends to get better engagement and retention rate with viewers absorbing 95% of the message while watching video (source). Therefore, if you are planning on making or are making training videos you want to make sure they are engaging and interesting as this will make people remember the message you are trying to give to them. Employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read a document, this is because people's attention spans are becoming shorter so they would prefer to get the information quickly and in the easiest possible format over having to read a longer document that won't keep their interests for a long time. 

When visuals are included in the training the retention rate goes higher than 65% (source), this means more people will remember what they have learnt through the video over other training materials like text or web articles, 80% of people remember what they watch (source). With the relevant learning information retention levels will rise as people will want to learn about what you are telling them, using video to give these messages provide more memorable content for your audience. This means they will more likely learn from the content you have given to them. 

Training content as a sales tool 

As a trainer or a coach you want to make video content that is going to attract a new and wider audience, people find it much easier to watch content being given to them over being in a room with lots of other people learning. Therefore, filling your classes or talks can help the audience members who would prefer to watch it alone with no distractions, this can help with the amount of people joining your courses as it can interest more people if they know they are able to complete the course in the comfort of their own home. 

Linking examples to your videos onto your website can also help show potential customers what they could be expecting. This will help them find out if they are going to like what you offer and could help them choose to make the decision to go with you as their coach or trainers. Providing example videos will really help customers find out if they like what you offer and they will be able to build a level of trust with you as they can see what you are going to be like. They are able to judge if they think they will enjoy what you are offering to them. 

Training videos will help keep engagement of your employees or students as well as helping develop their skills and knowledge on what the video is on. As a company you want to be making sure all engagement is kept when training as you don't want anyone missing out on crucial information, video is a great way to keep interest and make the training seem a bit more interesting. 

Video content can help audiences understand what is being spoken about and give people more confidence in learning more than they might have in a  training lesson when a trainer comes in. The visuals within the video will help keep audiences interested for longer amounts of time and will keep your video content more exciting. By mixing up the tools you use in training can keep everyone focused on the messages you are giving out making your content useful for everyone. 

Creating training videos can really help everyone within your company, if you're interested in creating training videos and want to know more about them Chat to one of our team to find out how we can help you. 

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