What to avoid when creating video content

Maddie Prior
April 6, 2023
4 min read
What to avoid when creating video content

When choosing to incorporate video into your marketing strategy it’s important to remember what you should and shouldn't be doing. 4 out of 5 companies use video in their marketing strategy and video will start to account for 82% of the internet traffic (source). This shows that if you're not choosing video marketing you should start as this is a tool everyone will begin to use to communicate with their audience, but you want to be making sure you are doing it right so you are maximising your chance to reach the client you are searching for.

There are common mistakes that people make when they are producing videos for their business, to make sure you don't make these mistakes we have made a list of mistakes to avoid when creating your next video. Here are 4 things we think you shouldn't be doing when creating video content and why you shouldn't be doing them;

Not using a call to action 

You are able to create an amazing video that gets tons of views but you might not get the conversions you were expecting from it. This could be because you are not giving your customers anything to follow on to after the video has come to an end. Making sure you add a call to action will help tell your audience where to go once they finish watching the video and what they should be doing next. Incorporating a CTA is one way to drop a massive hint to your audience to go onto your website and buy what you are selling them. By doing this during and at the end of the video will constantly send your customer reminders on where they can find you and where their next movement should be after finishing the video. Remembering to add this information your script will remind your team to add this into the video as it is a crucial piece of information you don't want to be forgetting when putting your video together. 

Call to actions create opportunities for deeper engagement, it can make the video experience easier as it is putting the point of the video in front of the audience, it can also help you as a business collect data from the video. Collecting data will help your business find out what you might need to do when people land on your website, it will help identify how long audiences are spending on your website and what they go to when clicking on your website. This can help you make more improvements to your website and video content as you want to be making sure people are spending a good amount of time on your website. CTA's will push more people onto your landing page which is what you want to happen from your video content as you want to be seeing an increase in conversions from the video content you are creating.

Thinking inside the box 

Avoid playing it safe and thinking inside the box, you want to be creative with your marketing content as this is the type of content that will make you stand out from your competitors. Video is a great way to introduce your brand to the world, it is a valuable tool that can help answer peoples questions and grab their interest from the first few seconds. You want to be making sure you are showing off the brand, you don't want to be creating the classic demonstration videos or how tos as you want to be creating the content that will make your company seem different, you want to sell your company in a more fun and creative way. Creating catchy jingles or creating a catchy narrative around your business can help stay in your customer head longer which is the effect you want to have on your potential buyers. As a business you want to leave a lasting impression on your customers.

You want to try to move away from the norms of each genre of video, as a business you want to be able to make your video more memorable to your audience. This means you need to create ideas that are outside the box and that are above what similar businesses are doing. By doing this you will be able to capture customers' attention quicker as your giving them something different to watch. If you do the same sorts of videos they will become repetitive and boring. 

Not using examples 

Video gives you the opportunity to tell stories without losing any information you want to be giving to your audiences. By using examples or storytelling in your content it will give you the opportunity to keep it more interesting and use real life situations for your audience to compare themselves to. Examples will make your videos more engaging but it will also make your content easier to follow and understand as examples can be used as a compression. You want to be putting your customer into the shoes of the character in the story, you want them to relate to the situation as this will help them make there buying decision. If they relate to the example they will more likely buy your product or service as they will believe it will help them in the future.

Case study videos and testimonials are a great way to tell stories, asking the right questions can highlight the specific ways your product or service has helped a customer. This is a great way to sell products or services as customers can  put themselves in the situation and find out if they will benefit from what you are selling. It puts them in a real life situation. Likewise by using customers who other customers might know will help sell your product or services as it is more of an incentive to buy if they see someone else they like using your product or service. They become more inclined to buy if their peers give positive reviews. 

Setting the wrong tone 

Knowing your brand's values and the product or service you're showcasing is important when using video content. From the music you use, to the scripting to the lighting it can all impact how your audience will feel after watching your content. You need these elements to help communicate your messages and help sell what your brand is offering its customer. You want your audience to know its your brand, this means its important to make sure the video matches the branding you follow as this is what will get you noticed by your customers. They will notice colors, fonts and certain wording as this is what will stand out to your customers the most. 

As a brand you don't want to be using the wrong tone as this won't help sell the brand, you need your tone to align with what your brand sells and what the brand stands for. If the style of your video doesn't match the brand it will confuse the audience, this won't benefit the brand because you want them to be able to follow along with what you are putting out there to them. Bringing your branding into the video can help tie everything together better, customising the video so it suits the brand will help spark better interest with the audience and put together the video better.

These points can all be common mistakes that people make when creating video content therefore by making these mistakes known less businesses owners will make them when they choose to make video content. Video can offer an opportunity to catch clients' interest and give potential buyers a reason to buy from you as you are offering them an alternative way of learning about your product or service. 

Making great videos will ensure you explore your products in the most memorable way. By avoiding these mistakes you will be making sure your video content has a positive impact on your company and you will be receiving the best possible outcome from it. Contact the team at RAW to find out how we can help create video content that will meet the needs of your business. 

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Maddie Prior
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