What you need to know about creating explainer video

Maddie Prior
April 6, 2023
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What you need to know about creating explainer video

Explainer videos are used for marketing and sales purposes, they are normally used to either tell a brand's story or explain how a product or service works. These types of videos are usually around 30 - 90 seconds, and give an engaging visual summary of what your company wants to show. As a company your job with explainer video is to ensure your audience keeps watching and hears the message you are trying to give, you want to be increasing the number of eyes on your content. 

The best explainer videos are quick and catchy, these can be done through live action filming or animation, you want to show off your brand as much as possible and give a human aspect to your company to build a stronger relationship. Making sure you have eye-catching visuals and sounds is important when creating an explainer video, you are giving your customer information about your business and what you're selling so you need to hold that attention. 

Explainer video is able to help customers in their buying decision and you will be telling them why they need to buy what you are selling to them. Here are 4 more tips that you need to know before creating explainer videos; 

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Explainer video should be short and simple 

Explainer videos should be kept short, you want to maintain the interest of viewers and keeping it short and simple will do this. Attention span is rapidly becoming shorter and is now around 8 seconds long. The shorter you keep your video content the better as it will mean it has more potential of getting watched all the way through. You want to make sure its simple enough that customers would be able to re-explain what they just learned to another custom, the information needs to be easily digestible. If you have a complex concept using light and simple language will help everyone understand, visuals will be useful in these situations as they are able to expand your explanation. Creating graphics and icons that match what you're explaining can help people follow along. 

If your company has a product or service that is extremely complex it is beneficial to break it down, you can make several videos to cover multiple questions or topics. This information is easier for customers to consume and remember, you will also be creating more valuable content for your business to publish. Remembering to address the audience by using “you” will make them feel as if you are individually speaking to them, making them feel as if you're providing them with the solutions to their problems. Your company needs to remember these videos will be a reflection of the brand, making sure the content and language you're using voices your brand best and is consistent throughout. This will build a better level of trust within your customers' experience.

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Help increase conversion and sales 

As a company you want your content to be making an instant impression, you need to be stopping the potential customer from clicking away from your site. Videos have been proven to increase curiosity and by having video embedded on your landing page will make customers want to click onto it and find out more. Once customers have found out what they need, they will be more interested in buying. Customers will understand what your selling better and will then know if they need what you are selling to them. This can help increase sales because if your content is good enough people will be persuaded that they do need what you sell. 

You want to be able to build trust with your customers, once they begin to trust you they will be more interested in trying your product or service and buying from you. Video content helps build this level of trust due to it being more personal to the customer and it's able to help give your brand more of a personality that your customers can then rely on when they need answers to questions. Identifying what you need to tell your audience is important, if you are able to be trustworthy and honest it will increase sales as your customer will know what you are giving them and if it's what they want and need. 

Holding interest is important, by holding a customers interest will decrease the bounce rate as the longer someone stays on your content the more information they will be finding out which will help them when making a quicker buying decision. As a business you are able to tailor video scripts so you don't lose the interest of customers, making sure you keep bringing up interesting facts and stats will draw audiences attention back to the video. Doing this every 8 - 10 seconds will make every customer watch the full video, this will help conversion rates and sales as you are pushing all the important information onto the customer making their buying decision a lot easier for them.

Explainer videos helps you get noticed 

Explainer videos help introduce audiences and customers to your brand, they are able to get the audience's attention and highlights the need and the importance in the new product or service you are selling. Having strong explainer videos will help new customers notice you better as they will be more interested if your video is engaging from the start, making sure the video content stands out is crucial as it is something that audiences will notice from the start. Video is designed to grab attention, the goal is to keep customers around and show off what you can offer them. This can then increase the likelihood of customers buying from you as they have made it through the entire video. 

SEO is vital, it can help improve the chances of your company ranking higher up on google, and with 71% of google users not scrolling past the first page of results (source) it's important to make sure you're showing up in a high up position. Explainer videos are proven to increase the amount of time spent on your website as it holds the audience, this will help you show up higher in the search rankings as google will be able to see customers are spending more time on your website then others. This shows that the information you are giving to your customer is useful and google wants to push this content. 

Video is becoming more popular, and it is only growing. If your video includes an SEO optimised title, tags and description your company will show up a lot higher. Keywords are crucial when it comes to being noticed as they will help push you up higher in Google's rankings making you more visible to your customers and potential customers. This will give you more organic exposure.

Improves customer relationship 

97% of marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service (source), creating explainer video will help customers understand more about what you are selling, and communicating through video will help you build that level of trust. It is able to increase consumer loyalty as people believe people more than they believe words. Creating explainer videos will help customers understand more what you are selling, it is more engaging for customers then page of text. 85% of people are more likely to buy from a brand if they see an animated explainer video, it's easier to consume the knowledge of what the video is telling you. 

Majority of audiences prefer video, people are now busier so they have less time to go through explainer paragraphs. You want to give the customers what they want. Within the video you will give you all the information the customers need to make an informed decision to choose to buy from your business.  Videos that contain a bit of humor are watched and shared more than any other video, making sure you give your audience this aspect will keep them more committed to your content. Video is able to evoke emotion, any video can create an emotional response within the viewers, emotion has been proven to be a prime factor in the consumer buying decision. Making sure as a company you work closely with script writers and the video production company will help you capture the right emotion that you want to give your customers.

These are just a few of the benefits of using explainer video in your marketing approach, making sure your creating engaging and professional content will help push your marketing further and give your customer what they want from your business. Explainer videos will have a huge impact on your company as a whole as it is able to push the products or services you sell reaching current customers as well as pulling potential customers in. 

There are lots of ways to create explainer video, you can either create the content yourself or use a video production company. By using professionals they will be able to make your content as engaging and professional as they can as that is their job, they are able to help you decide what goes into your content and what looks best.

Get in touch with one of our team to find out how we can help you create your explainer videos.

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