Why animate your businesses story

April 6, 2023
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Why animate your businesses story

Animated video is a great way to tell your brand's story, it can help convey your business messages as well as becoming great marketing material in the most creative way possible. 92% of marketers believe video marketing is growing in importance (source) as it is a great way to increase user engagement and improve brand awareness with customers. Videos can be an effective tool that will help drive more customers to take action on your website and increase your conversion rate. Animation is becoming more valuable, the popularity of the marketing tool is now growing due to people being more interested in the moving graphics and how animation looks. 

Telling your businesses story is important, it can help connect you with your customers on a deeper level and help open your brand to more opportunities as people will see a better insight into your company. 

Here a few reason why you should consider animating your businesses story;

Leaves a lasting impression 

Businesses and brands have the benefit of leaving a memorable impression to current and potential new customers through the use of video content and animation. By animating your business' story will help you give further insight into your purposes, values and intentions. It can give the customer a clear understanding of who the business is, what you stand for and how you are able to help your customers solve their problems. Animation can change the perception of the brand and will help people remember the content you have shared with them. 

Creative advertisement can help attract new business and keep the customers returning as the content will be remembered more due to it being more visually pleasing. Using another can help create a new brand perception in the customers minds, they are able to make an impression of the brand through the marketing video you are supplying to them. This can help you stay in the customers mind for longer as you are making sure you are giving them content they are going to enjoy. A good animated story will help improve what the customers associate with the brand, this will benefit the company as you are creating positive associates of the brand leaving a better impression on the customer making them like the company more. 

The information is much easier to digest when in the form of animation, animation is able to communicate complex concepts quickly therefore using it to tell your business story will help customers remember it better as it will be easier to understand. It's more likely to stay with them if you use animation to explain it. 

Easy to understand 

When dealing with more complex stories, trying to explain them through live action filming can be hard when you're relying on someone trying to tell the story or even text format. It can become more overcomplicated than it needs to be and people are more likely to lose interest this way. Blocks of writing isn't engaging either, it only has one look which means people are more likely to get distracted. Animated video can really help make your story more understandable for customers as the use of graphics and characters can tell the story for you. It is able to help with the communication as it can unfold your story which will help emphasise the story more as the characters can take your customers on the journey. 

Animation can help with communication, it can help unfold your story. This will make it easy for your company to emphasise your story through the use of characters and the emotions they are showing during the story. Viewers have always watched animation, therefore it holds a memory in the customers which makes it easier for people to understand as animation can have that hold on people and bring back childhood memories. 

Entertaining and fun 

The aim of animation is to grip the attention of the audience through the use of entertainment and creativity. Your marketing strategy's aim should be to grab the attention of your customers, animation is able to do this as there aren't any limits, you can create what you want and design video content around your brand that fits your brand perfectly. The more entertaining your business story is, the more customers will remember what has been said in the animation, it will help them interact better with the brand as they are able to know more about the business on a deeper level. 

Animation is often seen as a marketing tool for a more fun and exciting video, this allows customers to pay more attention to these videos over traditional videos and adverts. You want to be creating something that stands out from the crowd, audiences will take more notice and will naturally grow more interested in your video if it stands out from competitors. Customers want to see fresh content and animation gives you the opportunity to make it more fun for your customers to listen to and follow along with. You have endless possibilities with animation, you can make it as engaging and as exciting as you like therefore you want to be making sure it's as fun as possible for your audience. 

Create better relationships 

A well put together animation can make people even more sympathetic, storytelling is a very powerful way to transfer emotions because it triggers feelings and emotions with people. Buying from brands is often done when being driven by emotions, therefore it's important they make sure you are touching the audience to create a lasting relationship with them. Incorporating emotions and building a relationship will help convert more sales for your business, it is one of the best ways to improve your customer experience as you are using positive emotions and entertainment in one. 

With animation it’s easier to create the exact atmosphere you want, you want to take what you know about your customer and create what they would enjoy. Therefore, knowing your customer will help you build that stronger relationship as you are able to create a video they are going to enjoy and connect with on a much deeper level. Animation will help your social engagement. 92% of mobile video viewers share videos they have seen online with others on social media (source), this can create a better relationship with your customer if you interact with them more on social media and they interact with you more which will help benefit your company much more. 

Animation can help build a better relationship with your employees as you can show them this content before joining the team to give them an idea of what it is like to be part of the team and the history of the business. You want your new employees and your current employees to remember what is being shown to them, this will help build a relationship as you are making sure you are giving them the knowledge that you as a business want them to know but giving them the knowledge in the simplest and easiest format.

Animation gives you the chance to tell your story, it can help you take your customers on the journey of your business through the use of fun and exciting colours and characters. It can make it easier for your audience to understand where the business has come from and how it has become what it is today. 

Animation is a creative tool that can help you create the best story for your business. It will help you connect better with your customers and engage a whole new audience to help your drive more conversion. Chat to the team at RAW to find out how we can help you create the best animated story for your business. 

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