Why create event highlight videos

Maddie Prior
April 6, 2023
4 min read
Why create event highlight videos

When organising an event it's important to capture the day on camera, as a company you can decide on if you want to live stream the event or just film throughout the day and create an events highlights video after the day is done. As video never loses it’s purpose it's a great tool to use when putting together an event as you can always show people the content you have made. 

Video is able to help build personality around your brand and humanize your brand more, you can show off the people who work for the company and capture what the brand does for its employees and clients. Highlights videos are perfect when trying to capture all the best moments, they are able to show off the day you have put together and build more awareness around the brand. 


Creating highlight videos allows attendees to remember what you put together, they are able to relive the event through the best parts being put into one video. This helps keep excitement around your events as they are able to revisit the video and remember what happened. It will help them build excitement for the next events you put on after as audiences will be able to re-watch what happened last time and want to live that experience again. This will help encourage people to buy tickets for the next event. 

Uploading your event highlights to your website landing page will help keep your events known to your customers as well as customers who are new to the brand. The people who visit your website will be able to experience your event through the highlights video and want to experience it for themselves, they will be experiencing your event without actually being there. By choosing the best parts of your event can sell the brand more without trying to sell, this will leave a bigger impact on your customer making the brand more memorable to more people. This uses a softer selling technique as you will be selling your events to your customers without them realising. 

As well as filming your customers' events, you can film your employee events like Christmas or summer parties you hold for the people that work within the company. By doing this you are able to share the final video with everyone that works within the business and it helps employees remember the night and the events you hold for them. These videos will stay with your employees as they can show off the type of parties you put on and they can show off the brand they work for.

Recruitment process 

When going through the recruitment process this could be a selling point you use to attract future employees to your company. When people are applying they are able to see the type of events you put on for your clients or even your employees, this can help sell the brand more as they will be able to see if they would want to be a part of the types of events you are putting on. By showing off what you do through the use of highlights videos more people will want to work for the company as they will want to be part of the culture behind the events. This helps improve the brand image of the company as you are able to show off the personality of the brand through these videos, showing future employees the type of company you are and the type of companies you do work for. 

Video highlights can also help applicants understand if they would be a good fit for the company and if the company is a good fit for them. This helps the company as it means the people who apply for the job role you are advertising for believe they will work well with the team and will enjoy the type of company you are. Similarly, this helps your future employees understand the company more, if they are looking into the brand they are able to see the types of events being held and they can make a judgement from this and see if they are right for the company or not. 

Highlight videos can really help people connect with the brand more, it gives personality to the brand. This can build a stronger personal connection between future employees and the brand as if they see videos they like they will be able to build a good impression around the brand.

Social clips 

By creating highlight videos you can use these videos and cut them up into shorter social clips. Video is becoming more and more popular on social media as 69% of audiences prefer to watch short videos on social media rather than image and text. Social media is now critical for all brands as that's where the majority of audiences are and you want to be communicating to your audience in the easiest possible way for them. Using your social media to post shorter clips of the events you have held can give audiences teasers on why your events are the best and reasons they should be attending your events. 

Social media will help your brand reach a much wider audience than just your existing customer. Customers that interact with your content are helping push your brand out to their following. This is important for your brand awareness as social sharing can help you reach more customers who could be interested in what you offer and the events you hold. Sharing on social media is free and it is very easy to do, it helps give you more chances to reach out to people and is free marketing for your brand. 

Likewise, making short social clips gives you more content for the social media platforms you post on, therefore you will have created a selection of content you can post over a few weeks or months and keep reminding your followers of the type of events you have coming up or have put on for them. If you choose to film events that are for your employees like Christmas parties and you make short clips of these you can show off the people behind the brand. By showing the face behind the brand can help customers build more respect for the company and feel a deep connection. 

Promotional content 

By filming the events you are putting on are giving you the chance to use this content to promote more upcoming events, you are able to use these videos to encourage more people to come to your next event and increase attendance next time. Events are easier to sell to new audiences through video as you are capturing the best moments and putting them together into one montage video, you are able to show off what you offer. Video content speaks directly to audiences, if they are unsure about attending your events this could be a big selling point to them as they are able to experience what you are putting on. 

Video content is also great to use for teaser videos, when capturing the day on camera you want to be making sure you are focusing on the attendees and the time they are having. This will help other people wanting to experience what they were experiencing, this will hopefully help increase attendance for the next events. You are able to repurpose this material on many different platforms, this means you are able to make the video content work on the different platforms you market your brand on which will help keep the video's purpose for a lot longer than pictures from the event would. 

If you are considering filming an event like a Christmas party that is just employees it can be good content to help persuade new employees to attend the party. By showing them previous Christmas parties or previous parties you have helped will show them what you put on for your employees as well as them being able to understand what they should expect from the day or evening. This will help encourage more people to come along. 

Filming your events should be a priority, especially going into 2022 as more customers are interested in video content and want to see more brands creating video content. Event filming can really help increase reach and help build a better brand perception as more customers will be able to see what the brand does and gather a better understanding of the company. Highlight videos are a fun way of showing off your brand, it helps show off what the brand can offer to new customers and as well employees being able to see what the company works on and previous projects you have done. 

As a video production company we want to help create your events highlights videos, we can take control of the technical side of the day so your team doesn't need to worry about the filming side so they are able to focus on the event making sure that goes smoothly. Get in touch with one of our team to find out how we can help. 

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