Why your business needs video in 2022

Maddie Prior
April 6, 2023
4 min read
Why your business needs video in 2022

Video marketing is crucial in your marketing strategy in 2022, it is a digital tool that is going to stay as it now makes up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic (source). Video is powerful and can be an asset at any stage of the marketing journey, it is measurable and can help give an insight into your sales and the marketing process. 

There are many different videos your brand and business can create to capture the eyes of new customers as well as returning buyers, video can really help push your products and services as well as get noticed by new people. 

Here are a few reasons why your company should be considering creating video content;

Powerful marketing tool 

Marketers trust video, marketing video is meant to help grow your business and capture the eye of potential customers as well as returning consumers. 86% of marketing professionals use video (source), which shows that video is becoming a popular tool for marketers to use. The majority of marketers say video has directly helped increase sales, and 90% say that video has increased traffic to their website which is the most important thing as it's the main aim. As a marketer you want to push your customers to your website as this is where your product and services will be to buy. 

Video is able to build trust with your clients, promotional content can build that trust with customers instantly. It offers good personality for your brand and will help customers see through the brand and the people behind the business more. This is important as you want customers to trust the people they are buying from, if they do trust you they will more likely return and continue making purchases with you as you have built a stronger connection with them. Video is extremely powerful, it can connect your target audience to your brand on an emotional level. Creating these emotional bonds will help more people do business with the brand and building a likeable brand will help build your chances of winning new customers. 

Engagement is the key way to measure if you are producing content that resonates with your audience. Engaging customers means a lot more than just getting them to like a piece of your content, you want to be able to hold the customers attention more as you will be able to talk to them through your video. It will give your brand a much more personal touch and if customers watch the entire video they will more than likely make a purchase from your brand.

Video helps boost conversions and sales 

Product videos on landing pages can enhance conversions by 80% (source), this shows that marketing video can have a powerful impact on how your sales and conversions increase. By putting video onto your landing pages it will encourage customers to find out more about what you are selling making them more likely to make a purchase as they are finding out more about what you are selling to them. The majority of individuals that go through and watch explainer videos on a product or service go on to buy what they are watching a video on.

70% of people google a product or service and if there's a video alongside this customers are more likely to watch it. As video content is more persuasive they will then make the purchasing decision, with more customers being interested in video it makes it easier for your business to speak to the customer through this type of content. Being able to pitch your product or service in an effective way, more people will make a buying decision, people are more likely going to buy if they see the product or service has an accompanying video. 

Video appeal to mobile users 

More people are now owning smartphones, people are choosing to stick to their phones when watching video content instead of using laptops or tvs. If you are creating good quality videos that are optimised to be viewed on users' smartphones you are more likely to increase the traffic to your site. This will lead to more conversions and more sales as you are making it easier for the customers to find you and then buy from you. Customers who view videos on their phones are 1.4x as likely to watch ads then those who view videos on desktop computers or tv which shows if you're making your video ads viewable on mobile you will be noticed more then you would be on tv ads televisions (source).

Mobile users feel more connected to their devices, this means they will adopt a stronger sense of trust when watching video content as you are giving them a more personal experience by using mobile video. Social video can generate up to 12 times more share than text and images combined (source), therefore picking to use video will give you more chance to be pushed around different social platforms as your customers will share the content you are making. This means your product or service is more likely to get more attention if it has video content which can be shared on social media.

Google loves video 

Websites with good quality video will have a higher chance of ranking near the top in google search engine results. This is due to customers being more likely to spend more time on the website as video will hold them for longer, including video that catches customers attention will make them spend more time on your website. If one of your business posts contains video content it is 53% more likely to show up on page 1 of google search results (source). 

Video keeps people for longer, this is called the stickiness factor. The longer you keep visitors on your page the more search engines will consider your content as interesting and the better your page will rank. This is important as the closer up you show the more likely customers will click on your content and use your website, making you more known. The captions under your videos are just as important as the video itself. The captions can help improve your ranks due to using keywords that your audience will search for. 

Youtube is the second most popular search engine after google, so making sure you are uploading your video content onto youtube can help increase your viewing and your audience. The video platform attracts 1.8 billion users a month therefore getting your content out there is crucial as you are more likely going to find new potential customers. 

Video can explain everything 

Many customers go through explainer videos to learn more about your product or services, using marketing videos can help you give a clear and concise explanation through video especially using animated content. This can make it helpful for all customers as they are more likely going to buy a product or service if they can understand what they are being sold and why it will work for them. 

Animated video can bring an idea to life, you are able to use characters and moving graphics to help make the process easier to understand. This might not work for live action video as it will be someone explaining what they do in a more corporate environment which audiences might find a bit more boring to watch as it is someone talking to camera. Video gives a more personal experience, having someone to talk to your clients personally will build a better relationship and will help them gain knowledge of what you do. This can encourage more customers to buy and use what you are selling as they will feel a more personal connection to. 

Video marketing is an extremely powerful tool, it can gain brand awareness for your company and can help lead customers on their buyers journey. As there are many different videos you can create you have the ability to meet the needs of all customers, but you do need to remember your end marketing goal in all of this. 

In 2022 you want to remember to create video as it can turn your marketing into a much more powerful tool. With video you need to have a massive budget to create what you want and you can be any size business to create video content. To chat to one of our team about creating video content in 2022 get in touch today.

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