Why Use An Animation Studio?

Will Littlewood
April 6, 2023
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Why Use An Animation Studio?

Why Use An Animation Studio?

- Why Are Animation Studios Important For Businesses?

- The Popularity Of Animated Marketing Videos

- Personalise The Brand

- Budgets And Costs

- Good Quality

- Creativity

- The Round-Up

These days, using animated video is a staple for video marketing - and there’s a lot of good reasons why. From animation’s ability to spark emotions to the fact that it’s often cheaper than other forms of video marketing, for many it has become a vital part of their story. But you might be asking yourself, if animated video is that important, why do I need an animation company - why can’t I do it myself?

Why Are Animation Studios Important For Businesses?

A studio that offers animation services can:

  • Free you up to focus on creative ideation
  • Reduce up-front costs for video-editing software
  • Capture the essence of your brand

If you want to make an animated video for your business, then you should look at using a reputable animation studio.

By using animation for video marketing, a studio can create easily updatable assets for your business. Plus, you can boost your page’s SEO by drawing in quality traffic with engaging content.

Statistics even show that having an animated video on your landing page can increase conversions by up to 80%! It’s no wonder that animation services are so popular.

The Popularity Of Animated Marketing Videos

The beauty of using video marketing for your business is that there are so many options. You might choose to use:

  • Explainer videos - Like a whiteboard animation for complex information (IT solutions and software)
  • Kinetic typography - For teasers
  • Company timeline and growth videos - To spice up bar graphs and charts for investors
  • 2D Cartoon Animations - For startups or to interact with end users

The possibilities are endless! Animated video is popular both with businesses, because it’s customisable and inexpensive, but also with users, because it’s fun and engaging.

Let’s have a look at what an animation studio can offer you and why it’s beneficial to outsource.

Read our in depth guide to animated video marketing here to learn more. 

Personalise The Brand

If there’s something that animation services offer that old school video marketing doesn’t, it’s humanising your brand. Whether it’s a 2D or 3D animation, everything about your video can be made to fit your company’s persona. This means that you can have creative control over everything, down to the style of the video and the colours used to fit your brand guidelines. Another benefit of using animation services is that you can encode your brand. In most animations, we’ll see a character or avatar that represents the company. This avatar is usually placed in the hero role: there’s a problem and they (your company) offer a solution. With animated video, you can make all the key decisions about the visuals and characterisation of the characters. 

You can perfectly distil your brand into an avatar that resonates with your target demographic. 

A personalised brand can also lead for:

Brand Engagement 

An animation company can also help you to soft sell your products or services.

Animated video allows  us to digest content on audio and visual levels all at once, so it gives us a better idea of the core message. So whether you use animation services for a product launch or a company timeline, they can give life to concepts that audiences may struggle to engage with. 

Less text and more visual prompts can keep viewers engaged for longer. Plus, animated video in particular appeals to all ages. This is because it elicits a sense of nostalgia in all of us.

This nostalgic element taps into our inner child, creating characters that are more easy to trust. After all, who doesn’t love Tony The Tiger or the Geico Gecko? All of this means that you can engage with the largest range of your target market at one time.

Make sure your animations are branded in your company colours

Budgets And Costs

Which brings us on to the point that most business owners will be most concerned with - budgeting. 

Why should your business use an animation studio?

Well, we’ve already outlined why animation services themselves are so useful for:

  • Brand awareness
  • Brand engagement
  • Personalising and embodying your brand

So if you haven’t already, you should be considering allocating some of your content budget to animation. Additionally, using animation for your video marketing can decrease costs for hiring expensive actors and shelling out for special effects. 

As to why you should use an animation company, there are a lot of reasons:

1) Software And Kit

If you don’t already own the latest and best animation software then you might get a shock - animation software isn’t cheap! 

On the other hand, you could consider hiring an in-house animator to take care of your video marketing. But software and platform requirements may vary from task to task, so one suite won’t work for all your projects.

The good news is, an animation company will have all of this sorted and they can hit the ground running, for example, with whiteboard animation production.

2) Time

As we mentioned, if you don’t know how to make animated videos, or haven’t hired an animator yet, you could be waiting a long time.

At the very least it takes months to learn passable 2D animation, whereas, an animation studio will have a dedicated professional with years of experience. And your time has just as much of a monetary value as software and kit.

Plus, by saving yourself time and stress worrying over how to create animated content, you can focus on creative direction (and the running of your business!).

3) Investing In Assets

Animated video can also be an evergreen video marketing asset.

This is because your animation can be used across a range of media. You could utilise a studio’s animation services to create an explainer that could equally be used as a product launch.

Plus, video content is easily shareable and you can boost engagement by hosting it on your social channels.

Last but not least, an animated video can fit anywhere in your sales funnel - whether that means enticing new customers, or entertaining existing ones.

Good Quality

At the end of the day, an animation company is going to be versed in styles ranging from 2D and whiteboard animation production through to 3D animated videos.

Hiring a good quality animation studio means that you’re going to get a quality end product in a shorter time frame. Animated video is also more mobile-friendly and looks unique - so your animation won’t look like hundreds of other videos filmed in nondescript office spaces!

Making sure your content is mobile-friendly is key


Like we said, once you’ve stopped pulling your hair out trying to learn Blender and Maya, you can focus on what really matters - your message.

For a great animated video to work you need to translate your brand’s mission statement in a concise and engaging manner. And by outsourcing the complicated elements to an animation studio, you can focus on this part of the project.

Under your direction, the animation company that you hire can help you come up with a style that fits your brand’s tone and assets that use your brand’s colour scheme and guidelines.

Free yourself from the shackles of live action shoots where someone might fluff their lines. Focus on matching up awesome animation services with your important and engaging company message!

The Round-Up

An animation company can save you time and money all while boosting your brand’s engagement. By outsourcing to an animation studio who can ensure the animation style you choose reflects your brand vision, you can ensure that your brand’s story gets told right.

You can cut down on the up-front costs associated with hiring an animator, or trying to learn animation yourself. Plus, animation services can even be cheaper than live filming!

Animated video can perfectly capture your company’s ideals with fun and engaging content and characters. With the rise in popularity of animation for video marketing purposes, you’d be crazy to miss the boat. 

To find out more about how animation can help you promote your business or your services, get in touch with RAW Pictures to chat with one of our team of experts.

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