Videos your company should be making in 2022

Maddie Prior
April 6, 2023
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Videos your company should be making in 2022

Video content is important for any brand, you want to be making sure you are shooting the right type of video that will suit your brand and your brand's marketing. It will help you stay more connected with your audience and allow you to create an easier understanding of what you can do for your customer.

Video marketing is now a digital tool that is going to stay as it is able to drive more internet traffic to your brand and help reach a new audience. Video can help push your brand to the next level and sell your products and services in an easier form then images and text. There are many different types of video you can create to communicate with your audience and capture the audience's attention easier. 

Explainer videos 

Explainer videos are short informative videos, these are typically between 30 seconds to 3 minutes long and they can help communicate anything to your audience. Every business needs to use explainer video to help their customers, it can help understand products and or services and really helps customers engage better with what your company does. Video can be a much more emotional experience, the visuals, music and voice over can build more emotion around the brand. These factors will play a huge role in the storytelling, this helps tell the story in a much more simple and compelling way. 

Explainer videos are a great tool to use at the discovery stage at the buyer's journey, it can act as an education tool to help people get an understanding of why someone should use your brand. It allows people to find out the usage of what you are selling and how they would benefit from what you are selling to them. As a company your goal is to show customers how you can help them, you want to be outlining a problem in your video that you know customers have and then show them how your product or service can help them avoid or solve this problem. This type of content can help generate leads and nurture the customer into buying, it will help amplify your brand without being pushy. 

Conversion rates will see an increase when you start creating explainer videos. If customers are shopping for a new product or service and see accompanying video they are more likely going to choose to buy from the brand as it is much more trustworthy then a brand without the video content to support what they sell. 

Social media videos 

Social media is becoming a key factor to market any brand, Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok are providing the platforms that brands are moving towards to post high quality marketing content. Social networks now cater to all different audiences but there's a common ground on all platforms that for each platform video is essential. Video has been made possible on every platform and is easy to create and upload to the platforms therefore brands need to be taking advantage of these elements because video is what the audiences want, Videos get 48% more views on social media (source). You are able to repurpose any old video onto your social platforms as well as repurposing many large videos into small videos to focus on smaller messages for your audience, this means you will have a continuous flow of content as cutting up the longer video will give you many small videos to upload. 

Making sure you are still using captions in your videos will ensure people that don't watch your video with sound on are still able to understand it is crucial. Many people don't watch video content with sound therefore adding subtitles to your content will keep these people engaged as well. Similarly, adding call to actions to your video will help when telling the story. Your story will leave the consumers wanting more and will give them the end goal by sending them to your website to buy what you are selling. As a brand you want to be putting these clear indicators on the videos as it will show the intention of the video before users have a chance to scroll away and not watch all your content. 

Social video only needs to be short clips, this will help brands be more concise and capture the viewer's interest within the first few seconds. Social media lies in your ability to condense the information you are giving your audiences and allows it to be easily digested. This content will be long enough to maintain viewers attention and keep them wanting more which should be the goal of social cuts.

Customer testimonials 

Everyone needs customer testimonials. Video testimonials are a great way to show previous clients' emotions and how they benefited from your product or service. You want them to explain how they enjoyed what you sold to them and how it helped them, by telling potential customers the benefits of your brands will help sell your products better. Customers explaining their first hand experience will help increase trust around your brand as people trust peoples opinions and by giving them an insight to your brand through others experiences can really help increase what your brand does. 

Online reviews are increasingly important for audiences, customer video offers a different dynamic from written reviews as anyone can write a review. Video is a much more interesting tool and is far more believable as it is someone face on with a camera telling their story they had with the brand. An honest unscripted opinion gives the paying customer an extra push into why they should shop your brand and it will help support their buying decision. 

Testimonials will help improve the trust and credibility with the brand, customers are far more likely to believe someone who has shopped with you than they are to believe the brand itself. Video testimonials will help hear opinions straight from their peers' mouths which can help put a face to the business and build a lot more of an emotional connection around the brand. 

Promotional videos 

Promotional videos give businesses the chance to slightly harder sell to their customers as they are actively promoting their product or service that is related to their brand. The main purpose of these videos are to promote your brand and help optimise brand awareness, brand reputation and sales. This is where you can be more sales focused and push the products or services that need that extra help or promote the new upcoming products to build excitement around them. Customers want to see this from brands as they want to know what is to expect from them and what is to come, customers want to get excited for them. Promotional videos can act as teaser videos, showing off what is new from the brand can build more loyal customers as they will want to shop more with you as they will always be having new things to look forward to. 

When creating this content you need to make sure your videos have a CTA (call to action), this will help you generate leads and help convince audiences to take action on what they are watching. This will benefit brands as they are pushing the website onto the viewers and making sure they know where to go if they want to make a purchasing decision. Promotional videos can take a very different approach as you are trying to sell what you are offering but you need to rely on customers' emotions to make that final decision, as a brand you need to sell hard enough that your customers can feel that having what you sell will benefit them in the best possible way. 

Promotional content can be used to advertise the brand on many different platforms, promotional content will only be successful if it reaches as many people as possible, and the platforms you use to promote you need to make sure your audience is there so you are increasing that reach. There are several platforms that you can upload your video content on for your audience to see, Youtube is a main search engine that everyone uses for video content, this will allow your content to be seen by as many people as possible. Social platforms like Facebook and Instagram can really help you reach that social audience better as they are more likely going to interact with video over picture. 

Businesses can't ignore using video marketing, it is becoming the primary way for customers to interact better with the brand they are buying from. By focusing on the different types of video content you can make will make sure you are nailing your video content and producing valuable marketing material for your customers to interact with. It will help generate more leads and take your brand marketing to the next level.

Get in touch with the team at RAW to find out how we can help you create your next marketing video. 

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